Shooting At Radio Controlled (RC) Planes

Why was I was not aware this type of sport existed?


The above video was actually filmed in Florida, but the company GNAT Shoot is based in the UK.

A quick YouTube search for “RC plane shoot” yeilds a lot of other interesting videos:


Looks like great fun too, although I’d have to be very confident in the guys I was shooting with before Id attempt that. There seems like too high of a¬†possibility¬†of getting muzzle swept (or worse).



Paladin September 16, 2010 at 12:13 pm

First Video: Couple of nice lookin’ gals on the shooting line.

Second Video: This one makes me a little uncomfortable, from a safety standpoint. Maybe they own all the land on the other side of the lake, know it to be unoccupied for a safe distance, and all have their heads screwed on right in regards to muzzle and trigger control. Just watching the vid without knowing all those facts to be true, though – makes me cringe a tad.

Both look like fun, don’t get me wrong :) Its just that the second group remind me too much of the hootin’ hollerers that think its ok to shoot your gun in the air in celebration.


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