Martial Arts Master Jeff Wade Calls Us Out

From his comment on the previous post, Master Jeff Wade makes a generous offer to those who don’t believe his claims:

Hello Gentlemen, this is Master Jeff.

I’m not sure why only one of you thought to contact me directly (and thank you for contacting me so I could defend myself). I am not hiding behind anonymity. My website is on the video. My address is on the website, as are my hours of operation (see “schedule” link). I invite any and/or all of you to visit. Bring an Air Soft pistol you don’t mind being destroyed. I actually HAVE done all the moves on the videos using Air Soft pistols. I’m betting none of you has. Anyway, they’re only good for one or two disarms, so you might want to bring several. I have a camera here and it will be running, but you may also bring your own. Regardless of what happens, I think we’ll all have some interesting footage to study and publish on our websites. If you can debunk any of the claims I make, I’ll reimburse you for your air travel. If not, then you pay your own. Either way, we’ll all learn something. Also, in the spirit of honest, objective combat training, I’ll also agree to serve dinner to everyone who participates. I’ll also put you up in my own house, where concealed carry is definitely allowed. We can debate combat tactics while we grill out or something.

Just be sure you understand:

* I said “Pack the slide?”… crap. You already got me on that one. I just misspoke. I had one shot at making each video, no editing, no review. Serves me right for agreeing to those conditions.

* You’ll have an inherent advantage because you’ll know I’m going to try something. A gang banger would not expect that, or at least he wouldn’t think it was likely in most cases. I’m fine with your having that advantage. The deal still stands.

* I never claimed to be able to disarm someone standing 10 feet away, so don’t waste your time on that point. We already agree. That’s the reason my assistant stands so close, Josh and FiftyCal – it would be foolish to demonstrate the impossible, so I don’t. Gun disarms are only useful at certain ranges, just like pistols are only useful at certain ranges – and assault rifles and tanks and long range missles. Combat can start or end up anywhere, so I think it’s good to be prepared for as many scenarios as you can.

* If you shoot me in the crotch or face as I’m going for my wallet or meeting your demands, you lose. That’s because you will have debunked your own advice to “comply” and will have supported my advice that the best bet is to run for it. If the bad guy’s going to shoot anyway, I think we can all agree that he’s more likely to miss a moving target. If he’s NOT going to shoot anyway, then why not run? I will concede that I should have said “give them what they want (unless it’s rape) and THEN run for it.” I did say, however (paraphrased), “do this only if you have no other choice.”

* I won’t play unless we’re all wearing safety goggles. That’s because if I take your weapon, I will be shooting back at you without hesitation – even if your gun is “booby trapped”. I’ll take my chances. Your best bet will be to increase distance or try to get your weapon back from me. Regardless, you’ll support my advice to run for it – or try for a disarm if you have no other choice. You will debunk your own “comply” advice.

* Posted on this site is a picture of a staple gun made into a .22 Have any of you toured a police station and seen the zip guns and modified pieces of crap that gang-bangers sometimes use? If “booby trap” is not the best term, somebody suggest a better one and I’ll replace it next time.

* I demonstrated with the “bad guy” using a one-handed grip because, again, I wanted to demonstrate what is possible – or at least MOST possible. In the spirit of education and friendly competition, I’ll let you choose any grip you like – gang banger, two handed, whatever – as long as the pistol is within reach. Most bad guys are not going to be in a Weaver stance telling you to get on the ground with your hands behind your head. That would be a cop or one of you guys – or me. Still, I’ll give you whatever grip you like as long as it’s within the range I’m addressing in the videos.

* I carry, and I shoot about 1000 rounds per month. I do understand what a gun can do and how useful it is to have on you. My only point in making these videos was to offer some ideas on what you could do if you’re caught without your weapon – like if you’re hit in the back of the head and your gun taken from you. Or if you’re stepping out of the shower. Or if you’re on public school property where concealed carry is a felony. Or if the guy got the drop on you and you couldn’t get to your own gun fast enough. I’m curious: What WOULD you guys do if you knew you were about to be shot point blank?

* I know a boy who was shot in the crotch. Gang bangers do that, you know. The shooter was much taller than 3 feet, FiftyCal.

* Someone trying these disarms without extensive training is like buying a gun for protection having never fired it. Inevitably, people will do that sort of thing. I never recommended that on the videos. Although my heart goes out to them, when they end up dead it will at least strengthen the gene pool.

What I’m proposing, gentlemen, is action – put up or shut up for everyone including me – instead of more anonymous pie-hole flapping. With the most sincere intentions of good combat education for all of us, please consider yourselves “Called Out.”

Master Jeff Wade


The video in discussion from the previous post:

Anyone going to take him up on his offer to shoot him in the crotch?

There are a few other pistol disarm “related” videos you can click on as well (top right corner of the video).



Sandy October 14, 2010 at 11:55 am

I do have to say, his response was not out of line. It is nice he is willing to put up or shut up. Though I am dubious about him being able to do what he says without getting shot.


MasterJeff October 14, 2010 at 02:42 pm

You are correct sir. Less CHANCE of getting shot than begging – that’s all.


Nick October 14, 2010 at 12:08 pm

You have been called out!


Evyl Robot Michael October 14, 2010 at 12:09 pm

It was only a matter of time before he tracked back to the sources of the criticism, I suppose. I have to admit that I’m quite fascinated by his challenge response. I’m looking forward to seeing if any gunnies take him up on it.


MasterJeff October 14, 2010 at 02:44 pm

Hey man! I’m a gunnie too! I regret someone being able to use “challenge” in association with my name. Sorry for copping an attitude. See my new offer.


Newman October 14, 2010 at 01:07 pm

How do you “booby trap(ped)” a gun? I like trapping boobies as much as the next guy so I must know.


MasterJeff October 14, 2010 at 02:48 pm

You see? Newman has the right idea! Let’s focus on trapping a few boobies.


Miguel October 14, 2010 at 01:07 pm

One of the great things about practicing with an Air Soft gun is that, if you make a booboo you go home with a welt. You make the same booboo in the street, you will be attending Temple and wearing a yamulke for the foreseeable future.
If you end up with somebody that close to you, you already screwed up somewhere way before. Best course of action is to try and de-escalate the situation until you can either come on top or go home without any extra holes.


MasterJeff October 14, 2010 at 02:46 pm

Right on, Miguel. An ounce of prevention…. Martial arts in general works the same way. I’ve seen black belts get into fights and end up flailing around like a ten year old girl! I pray I have more composure and control than that if I ever have to fight.


MasterJeff October 14, 2010 at 02:41 pm

Hello “NoDaysOff” bloggers. I appreciate your discussion of my video very much. Amin(Mike) has published in big bold type a statement implying I claimed you could “emerge unscathed” from a gun disarm. I never said that and I apologize if I gave that impression. Yes, I did misspeak and say “pack the slide.” I’m glad you guys are having so much fun with it. I deserve all the flaming you want to throw at me for that. It will help me remember to DOUBLE CHECK THE TAPE! But it is unwise to miss to miss a good point because of bad delivery. Some history:

In 1995, a guy I knew was approached at his vehicle by a gang banger with a gun. My friend was 18, never seen a gun in his life. He begged not to be shot – it was all he could do. My friend’s back was to the car, his hands raised. The guy asked for money, and so my friend pulled $5 out of his pocket and gave it to him. The gang banger’s response was “You mean to tell me that’s all you got, MF? Well you better come up with some more!” and with that he pointed the gun at my friend’s crotch, waving the $5 in the other fist, kind of in anger or for emphasis. He was on drugs, naturally. My friend begged not to be shot. He’d complied with the gunman’s wishes. When the punk cocked the hammer, and braced his arm to fire, my friend knew he was about to lose his privates. He stood on his tiptoes and kind of pushed on the guy’s upper body, just instinctively, but of course it didn’t work. The punk shot him. My friend’s begging did nothing, nor did his instinctive attempt at pushing the guy away. It did at least cause the bullet to hit his thigh instead of his crotch though. Miraculously, the bullet missed both the bone and the femoral artery. When the punk then pointed the pistol into my friend’s face, my friend just grabbed out of desperation and managed to catch the barrel. After a struggle, during which my friend was shot in the back, he did finally manage to take the gun, after which he chunked it across the parking lot. He lived and suffered only a few stitches – by the grace of God. A miracle.

So after that, I decided “crap man, I’m going to come up with SOMETHING I can do in case that ever happens to me!” Yeah, you may get shot in the leg or in the privates. But at least you have a CHANCE of survival. Neither begging nor complying helped my friend. So in the technique I demonstrate, I’m working on the assumption that YOU HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE! I believe I said that – I hope I did. Like my friend, your back’s against something, and you see that the gang banger is about to give you a lead castration anyway. At that point, you have nothing to lose. The path of the barrel that crosses the least amount of flesh is DOWN. If you use only one hand, it’s going to turn into a struggle. I’ve experimented with it for years, using Air Soft and compressed air BB guns (and a cup, of course). An Air Force Special Forces guy that trains here recommended I get into the habit of packing the MAGAZINE (damn I suck for that misspeak) and racking the slide. In fact, I have flipped the gun around and had the magazine fall out, the ejection button having been inadvertently pressed during the disarm. You also never know whether the punk could afford bullets, forgot to cock his weapon, or is using a broken or malfunctioning weapon. That’s why I recommend not relying on someone else’s weapon to protect you, least of all a gang banger’s. Will the gunman shoot one handed? My friend’s attacker did, still clutching the $5 in the other hand. I’ve tried the technique with the shooter using two hands, and it still works although it’s of course much more difficult. For clarity in the video, we chose to use one hand. The purpose of the video was to distribute raw technical data. We assumed people would realize you don’t just go around trying to disarm anyone who waves a gun at you – least of all someone who knows what they’re doing. We also assumed people would just kind of take the ball and run with it – adjust the technique, add to it, whatever. I suppose we assumed wrong. Live and learn.

My offer of “Debunk one of my claims and I’ll pay your transportation” is not really fair of me to say, because I actually made no claims in the video, although I imply that the technique will work, of course. But I’ll make a claim now, and you can quote me on it – hopefully in place of “pack the slide”:

In a situation where you are certain you’re about to be shot in the crotch anyway, where all other avenues have been exhausted, and therefore have nothing to lose by risking a disarm, the technique I demonstrate in “How to disarm a gun pointed at your groin” will offer more chance of survival than standing there begging for your life.

I used the words “consider yourselves called out” in my last blog. I apologize for letting my frustration influence my attitude. That sounded aggressive and that’s not how I am. How about this:

Since I ran my mouth, I’ll still honor the deal I offered. But also, if you really want to train, to experiment with hand to hand / weapon combat techniques, I’ll split your airfare with you – debunk or no debunk – and put you up under my own roof. I’ll buy the beer if you’re drinking – but of course AFTER we’re done. How’s that? If you have a better suggestion of what to do if you were in my friend’s shoes, I want to learn it (I liked the “de-Escalation” suggestion I just read – although use of the disarm assumes that’s already failed). My desire is to spread knowledge and increase my own. I’ll also provide two Air Soft pistols and ammo. If we break those we can go in on more. We should be able to come up with some awesome videos which would belong to all of us.

My only goal in making the video was to offer people information. It is a tool that has a purpose. Used for that purpose, it is effective – even if not infallible. Like any tool, used for the wrong purpose it is useless.

Gentlemen, remember to pack your slides…

And yes that was a joke.


Call. Talk. Fly. Train.


adam October 14, 2010 at 05:56 pm

this is what happen to me when some guys with guns came up to my car


MasterJeff October 14, 2010 at 06:12 pm

Bravo for you, man. Seriously. Those hoods… I’m surprised they didn’t find a fecal trail from one of those punks. Me, I ALWAYS carry. I’ve taken enough Air Soft rounds to thoroughly engrain the “last resort” concept. I used to carry my 1911, but now I carry a Star Firestar 9mm. Not near the stopping power but reliable and cheap enough to throw in the river if you have to.

A question: I struggle with whether to unholster my gun and keep it on my seat. On one hand, I don’t want to have to scramble with my seatbelt if I need it fast. On the other, I don’t want to forget it so my 3 year old son finds it. Did you pull yours ahead of time? Do you drive with it holstered?

thanks for the story!



adam October 14, 2010 at 06:34 pm

i just tuck my shirt between my body and the holster when i get in my car so my weapon is right there. at first you will forget to tuck and un-tuck your shirt but it just becomes automatic once you do it for awhile.


MasterJeff October 14, 2010 at 09:30 pm

Thanks man. Simple solution, great idea.



Marcus October 15, 2010 at 09:34 pm

While you seem like a nice enough fellow, you appear to be missing the point.

Your technique is presented in a how-to format, and it is implied that said technique could improve a victim’s chances of survival. This is irresponsible and most probably false. Ignoring the minutia of the technique itself, we are left with the fact that no two violent confrontations involving firearms is alike. Further, neither are the perpetrators or their victims.

Would you give this same advice to a 110lb. woman? Obviously relative size comes into play. Relative age, as well. In fact, there are so many factors to such a confrontation that no simple how-to video can really prepare one for it. Which is why all such videos should come with the caveat of being for entertainment purposes only. No video is a substitute for training and you should be much more clear about that fact. Your technique is less about life (or scrotum) saving, and more about adding risk (a la Bear Grylls).

What should be more important overall is avoidance of situations like this in the first place. Not being in the wrong place at the wrong time is the number one reason why most people go their entire lives without being attacked. Figuring out what the wrong place or wrong time is might be better suited to an armchair training session.

Be skeptical.


MasterJeff October 15, 2010 at 11:35 pm

Thanks for your feedback, and I completely agree with you. What I’ve learned most from all this is to establish clarity of purpose when making such an important presentation that will be seen in public. Honestly, I really didn’t look at it as that important when it was made and had no idea it would go viral. I think I actually do understand your point – I was just unclear on what mine was – or what it would look like when this thing hit the web. I would never, NEVER teach this at a self-defense seminar – NEVER! And I regret that it appears to be a self-defense lesson. Avoid and ESCAPE is what I teach for self-defense: Don’t be there in the first place, yell for help, bite, gouge eyes… stuff your grandmother could do. But how to teach self-defense to a novice in a one hour free seminar is a whole different debate.

Here’s how I screwed up: approached me to do, like, a catelog of videos, and they wanted to include some weapon disarms. They were unclear on how many, what type, all that, they just set up an appointment for the following morning, so I said “what the heck – let’s do it.” Then the camera guy rolled in, a one man crew, and gave us about an hour to shoot tons of stuff, no rehearsal, no second chances, no rewinding, no checking the footage. He said we had to complete, like, a “catelog” of techniques in the alloted time or the deal was off. One thing they wanted was some disarms. So I thought “Ok, I know how this can be done and that can be done etc.” and we started rolling. Whenever I’d completely botch something, the guy would be a little purturbed and check his watch and shake his head. So we were busting ass through these things. I didn’t worry because I thought the most would happen was I’d get a little web ranking off our link being out there and get to see how fat I looked on video. Honestly, I’d never heard of and figured nothing would come of it. Practice session on video tape, that’s all I thought it would ever be.

So now something HAS become of it, and that damned video has become, like, the thing that represents me and my self-defense philosophy! It’s not me at all, I was just plowing through stuff I knew how to do, demonstrating random stuff “for whatever it’s worth.” There are also knife disarms (I suppose I shouldn’t put that out there, but I imagine it’ll be found anyway) that are very traditional Aikido, although performed in Taekwondo uniforms. Stuff that’s flashy and beautiful and fun and complicated – but would never work on the street. I wasn’t asked to do a video on what would work on the street, but just to plow through interesting stuff I knew. Sucks for me now but that’s what I get. The technique demonstrated in “Pack Your Slide” does exist and it does work the way it’s supposed to in ideal circumstances – just like anything else. It’s just a fun move for people to do with as they please. Entertainment, as you aptly put it, is exactly right. And you are also correct about variables. Sweat, nerves, size, grip, how much the gunman knows what he’s doing, distraction – hell, the weather….. infinite variables. Same way with firing your pistol in self-defense, right? The video is not my property but that of, or else I’d pull it. All I can do now is try and come up with something to outshine it and pray that people have the common sense to use extreme caution with something they find on the web.

I’m going to use your input and suggestions when I shoot something more sensible. I’m looking for input from this blog, but whatever the case I will be creating something new. Next time I’m going to control the stupid thing, and approach it with much more caution!

Thanks again for your input and I really do think I understand what you mean. I hope you understand what happened to me.

And I’m really not all that nice of a fellow either. Just trying to keep one of you assholes from shooting me, that’s all.

And yes that was a joke.



MasterJeff October 16, 2010 at 12:00 am

If you’re interested, here is a 3 part article on self-defense I wrote last year.

I’d love to hear your opinion on this stuff. Goes for anyone reading this too.
Please feel free to email or call me directly if you wish. Love to kick this stuff around.



TheLoneWolf October 14, 2010 at 02:54 pm

I’ll take “people who will get shot in the crotch” for $200 please Alex.

LOL the jeopardy pic is pricless.


Cameron October 14, 2010 at 03:33 pm

Just a question, if you would, Wade. In the “gun pointed at your crotch” disarm, maybe people pointed out that the trigger seems to get depressed when the disarm is preformed. Does this actually happen when it’s preformed? If it does, seems like it might be dangerous, for the shooter, and the victim.


MasterJeff October 14, 2010 at 04:25 pm

The trigger usually gets depressed, unfortunately, especially in this one. There’s another one “disarm a gun aimed at your face,” where it’s usually not depressed. This “crotch shot,” if you will, is very precarious. I end up shot about maybe one in 20 times or so – I don’t keep up although that would be a most interesting statistic. The gun almost always goes off, but usually into the floor (yes, ricochet becomes an issue) or toward the bad guy. You’ve brought up a very good point here. With any disarm, you may shoot the bad buy – boo hoo – but you may also shoot anyone who may be with you, bystanders or even some mom driving their kids to school a mile away, depending on angle and the caliber of “homy’s” weapon. You guys have really made me consider the “disclaimer” part of this. The technique exists, it can work… but there is much to consider. Where are you? Who else may get shot besides you and him? Have you exhausted every means of de-escalation? Does the guy holding the gun look like he’s fully alert or know what he’s doing? And last but certainly not least, how fast do you feel today? Speed and the art of distraction are critical. If you get the guy talking, execute the disarm the moment his lips move. His attention is divided. Even with someone expecting it though, it’s entirely possible to pull it off without getting shot. With someone not expecting it, even better. But then of course you’ve got a belly full of barbed wire and your veins are pumping battery acid….

Dear Lord, may none of us ever be in a situation involving a gun.

God bless and take care.



MasterJeff October 14, 2010 at 06:19 pm

BTW, I should mention this too – and probably should have in the video – yet another fail, huh? If you decide to try out gun disarms, be careful with your trigger finger! It can get caught and ripped to pieces. I’ve seen hyper-extensions, breaks and finger skin getting peeled off like a wire stripper. Good news if it’s Gang-Banger’s trigger finger, bad news if it’s your training partner’s.




NukemJim October 14, 2010 at 08:18 pm

Master Jeff, I really LIKE your attitude. :) Your offer is most gracious and if my work situation was different I would love to take you up on your kind offer of testing and training.

IMHO many students of the Martial Arts are like the group of blind men examing an elephant. Each belived that the part they had touched upon was the entire shape of the elephant. Nuff said.

Just a question please have you practised your technique with different styles of handguns? I was wondering if a smaller gun would present more or fewer difficulties?

Again my compliments on your attitude.



MasterJeff October 14, 2010 at 09:19 pm

I must agree with you on the martial arts outlook. I myself practice both Aikido and Taekwondo. I almost have to hide one from the other! Very frustrating. They are both just TOOLS. Spritual, mental, physical TOOLS. Why not examine, criticize, analyze and thus maximize EVERYTHING we do in life, MA styles included? But people like tunnel vision, I think. I try to avoid it.

From my experience, smaller hand guns are MUCH more difficult to deal with. I often end up with “9 fingers” when we practice with small guns, like .38 snubbies. I’ve cringed more times than I can count when I see one of my fingers laying across the muzzle after what I thought was a successful disarm. Every time one goes awry, I cross myself and pray to God I’m never put in a position to have to try one for real.

Another important issue is the slide. It’s safest to just assume the gun’s going to discharge. If (when) that happens, you’re going to lose your hearing, maybe catch residue in your eyes, and the slide is going to slice the crap out of your hand. But you’d be alive and hopefully still in possesion of your privates. Then perhaps you could just keep a little bottle of hot sauce with you to season the firearm when feeding it to the attacker. Or grease if you want to insert it into the other end of him.

Thanks for your kind words. If you’re ever in Miami, all I DO is train and go to the gun range. Training with new people is always a good thing. Different part of the elephant, you know? ;)

Thanks very much for your kind words.


Make peace, practice compassion, forgive and forget, turn the other cheek… if at all possible.


bp78 October 15, 2010 at 08:59 am

Surely someone is local to give the airsoft route a try. Although with a trigger guard, won’t someone end-up with a broken finger?

I have to say I’m actually really impressed that this MasterJeff character is so well reasoned. I think we all expected the ‘guns are bad, karate rocks’ type which he clearly isn’t. Good for him for putting out that offer, someone local should take him up on the airsoft route. I really look forward to seeing that run a couple times to see how often someone gets a shot off and how many times it connects.


MasterJeff October 15, 2010 at 01:52 pm

Thank you so much for your kind words. Objectivity, humility and clarity of purpose are necessary for personal growth and success. Tough to live by sometimes – like when you completely lob a terd of a video and have to admit it stinks – but beneficial to all when you’re willing to suck it up and fix it.

Somewhere in here I did post a notice to watch your trigger fingers! DEFINITELY should have included it on the vid as well. I’ve indeed seen hyper-extensions, breaks and stripped off pointer knuckles. Sometimes, instead of Air Soft, it’s safer to play “The Bang Game” (oh boy, there goes another goof ball term – so it goes). The shooter “bad guy” keeps his finger outside the trigger guard and just says “bang” as soon as the “victim/good guy” makes his move. If you’re both honest about it, it’s pretty easy to tell if you ate lead. Still, the Air Soft route never lies.

And therein lies the problem of training – be it with guns or anything else. Boards don’t hit back. Paper targets don’t shoot back. In the dojo, there is no adrenaline dump – nor is there at the gun range. That’s the value in both shooting and martial arts tourmanets and tests. No, it’s not combat realistic, but you do have to learn to deal with all the nerves.

And so we try our best to come up with the closest, safest simulations possible and go from there. What else can we do?

I also pray regularly for compassion, humility and good common sense. That way you avoid getting yourself into situations where you have to test the skills you train, hands or weapons.

Also, bp78, I’m going to make a new video, sans black belt and funky pajamas. There are some “gunnies” around here I think I can recruit for tougher input on the weapon side of things. I’d bet they’re monitoring these blogs and will be giving me hell about them next time I’m in their gun shop. I will be using a “Blue Gun,” per the advice of this and other blogs that ripped me a new one for handling a Kimber 1911 like it was a squirt gun! I’m thinking to include lots of “candid monitoring” of people trying the techiques, so the viewer can see that sometimes it works, sometimes not – i.e. only use a disarm if you have no other choice. I’ve given Caleb my personal email to publish, and I’m also including it here. I’m asking for input from you and anyone reading this. Stuff you’d like to see, things you’d like to hear, terminology recommendations, etc. When I decide on a shooting date, I’ll publish it here too for anyone who wants to come down and play / contribute. The more people you train with, the more possibilities you cover. Some have big hands, some small, some tight grip, some loose, some sweaty some not, on and on. The more the merrier. We can make a super weekend of it, everybody walking away with some new knowledge and a cool experience.

Thanks again for the continued dialogue.



DocScience October 18, 2010 at 05:51 pm

Things close to this can really happen… albeit accidentally in this case.

Last summer, my 20 year old son and his girl friend were accosted by a mugger.

After getting the wallet, watches, phones and purse, this cretin decided that instead of robbery, he was going for murder of my son + rape of the young woman. My son figured the next step was killing him, so he had nothing to lose.

He grabbed the cheap automatic by the slide, both taking it out of battery and jamming a round sideways in the slide.

They continued fighting and the robber eventually got the gun back, pointed at my son’s head and pulled the trigger twice… click click.

(If you want to experience terror as a parent, try listening to that “click, click” part in court testimony)

Thanks to some incredible police work by a detective who worked round-the-clock for two days, the robber/wannabe murderer was caught, tried, convicted and is now away for 99 yrs w/o parole.

I don’t recommend this to anyone, as my son could just as easily been killed.
But the police told us that they have NO DOUBT that his action saved two lives.

And yes, I thank God every day for his mercy.


MasterJeff October 18, 2010 at 07:13 pm

Let me just say how very sorry I am that this happened to you. I had an adrenaline rush and sense of dread as your story unfolded. I actually prayed it would end well! I will tell your story in my self-defense classes, not for encouraging gun disarms, but for the “these things really do happen” validation.

There is no way to prepare for everything, and preventing anything is difficult at best. That just sucks and that’s about all there is to it. What can we do but train, debate vigorously about tactics – and pray? I don’t know where you stand on the spiritual front, but I am a Christian. Here at our dojo/dojang, we pray both before and after each class that He will guide us – help us train in a such a way as to be pleasing to Him. During self-defense week, I actually lecture about violent criminal behavior rather than practice techniques. I never do disarms during self-defense weeks. After those lectures, I pray that God grant us the spiritual maturity to cultivate humility in our hearts, spread peace, act with compassion – and essentially turn the other cheek if at all possible. But I also ask that if we are forced to fight for our lives, or for the lives of our loved ones, that He will give us the courage to fight with a fury only He can give us. I think your son did this and that is what saved their lives. The disarm, regardless of its level of success, was academic. What saved him was his courage. Without that courage, they’d have died.

Yesterday, I took my three year old son for a walk down to one of Florida’s many canals – about a block from our house. We were standing there at the water, looking for turtles and feeding the ducks. Suddenly a rock the size of a baseball whizzed by my son’s head, missing him by about a foot. The splash was enormous. I turned to see some hoodlum kids who had been passing by across the street behind us take off running.

My son could have lost his sight, been disfigured – and maybe even lost his life had the rock landed just right. I cannot even FATHOM how you must have felt for your son’s close call. So there I was, my 9mm on my hip, 30 years of martial arts training under my belt, still turning over this debate over disarms in the back of my mind, trying to grow as a martial artist… and I was helpless. There was nothing more I could have done, yet my precious son was almost badly hurt on my watch.

Before bed last night, I just got on my knees and offered a vigorous prayer of thanks that tragedy was avoided. Like any parent, I of course offered my leg in place of my son’s pinky toe, my head in place of one of his eyes. Death will of course catch up with us all, but I believe God can help us stay out of trouble – delaying that dreaded day for as long as possible – if we only ask.

God bless you and your family sir, and thanks again for sharing.




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