Military Sandbag Bunker Comfy Couch

Some of you might remember the actual sandbag couch I posted about HERE.

A Jerusalem based industrial designer took that concept and ran with it:

I actually like the look of it.  Looks like it would be hell if you lost something out of your pocket, or had to vacuum it though.

As usual … queue the hilarious “purpose of” explanation…

The home becomes a “closed military zone” that in its comfort can diminish the natural defense mechanism. This exhibition raises the questions of security, anxiety, home and sense of security, at times when soldiers and civilians play equal part in the confrontation. This could be the confrontation with our enemies or the confrontation within us, between our primal behaviors and the tamed ones.

ROFL those never disappoint.

The designer Ezri Tarazi has a few other neat things on his site that he made out of old ammunition boxes you should make sure to check out (HERE).



Aaron February 22, 2011 at 05:18 am

Bad display…. the lamp above the couch looks like an airbust from an XM25 just as it detonates.
Ergo: couch may be comfy, but not protective at all.

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