AR-15 On

Yea this happened:

You can check it out – HERE

Extra points for calling it a “Modern repeating rifle”, not the default “Assault rifle” we are used to seeing.

I’m still waiting for Costco to bring in a Kirkland branded AR-15 for the Kirkland ammunition.


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  1. Sik1kraze Avatar

    In Ky it’s $890 and they also sell a flat top sig with magpul furniture for the same price.

  2. It says my local walmart doesn’t stock them (but then it is semi getto-tastic, being one of the closest walmarts to St Louis city) but if I want to drive ten miles to Fenton they’re in stock. Ironic being the only thing I buy at Walmart is ammo anyway…

    1. FlynnCastle Avatar

      I know the one in Glen Carbon, IL is where I bought my shotgun. Not very “ghetto-tastic” but also fairly close to your location. They may have them?

  3. I noticed ARs in the local Walmart here in OlyWa and was duly impressed. I’m glad they shook of the PC bullshit.

    Spend less. Shoot more. Walmart.

  4. retro_joe Avatar

    “Modern Repeating Rifle”

    So they stock Henrys and Spencers?

    1. They have a Henry Golden Boy at mine and they will order about anything you want.

      1. Ernest Young Avatar
        Ernest Young

        Really, wallmart will special order guns? Does that include pistols (or FFL out-of-state-transfers)?

        1. over 1200 styles ,no pistols

  5. my local wal-mart had one of those and a sig .22

    1. Same here, but they’ve also got a Sig 5.56 model as well. It was good to see them there.

  6. Wal-mart carries AR’s.
    That’s it, folks: we’ve won. The rest is just mopping up.

    1. When Walmart stocks 240Bs and suppressors at free market prices (not dictated by artificial shortages), and when there is no FBI background check, I’ll call it a win.

      1. Jusuchin (Military Otaku) Avatar
        Jusuchin (Military Otaku)

        We won the first campaign, the war is just ramping up ladies and gents, can’t keep the guard down.

      2. "Dr."Dave Avatar


        Very true.

      3. fbi checks aren’t a problem if your not a problem! I call that a win for the good guys with the guns!!!!!!

  7. I’m glad Wal Mart carries black rifles now. That doesn’t mean I’m going to actually enter one on purpose though.

  8. $870 for the Bushmaster, $900 something for the SIG 556 rifle, and $480 for the SIG 22LR M4geries… Walked in to do the usual dog food cat food ammo thing… was checking ammo prices, looked up and there they were. I was a bit shocked to say the least. Usually you’re lucky to see the usual mix of various 22LRs a few 30-06s and 12 gauges. Today it was full- even the ammo was stocked… Walmart in West Lebanon, NH. I think I saw a pig fly by outside…

    1. Rhemus Avatar

      I was in Walmart in Goose Creek, SC near Charleston to look at 12 gauges. I was shocked myself to see four AR style rifles. One was a Smith and Wesson MP 15-22 (22LR) for about $425. Couldn’t see the others. Just prices. $550, $700 something and $866. Obviously they advertise Bushmasters M4A3’s. I had a smile on my face. They should issue one of these to every male over 21 and teach them how to safely shoot it. They do it in Switzerland and require it be kept in all houses.

  9. "Dr."Dave Avatar

    Walmart is an awful company. The fact that they now sell ARs does not mean they’ve gotten better. It just means that they’re trying to merge in and kill more of their competition. I would never under any circumstances by a firearm, ammunition, or anything else from that company. Its much better to support a local company, especially a local small business. Not only will you get better service, but you’ll have a better selection of products and when you ask a question or two the clerk wont stare at you like a goddamn zombie. I don’t know about you all, but its worth multiple hundreds of dollars for me to purchase my products from a local small business than from a chain store.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      As a small business owner you’d probably think I’d agree with you, but I don’t. The simple fact is walmart got as big as it has because people would rather go one place to get everything and save their hard earned money buying everything at the lowest price.

      I prefer to avoid bricks and mortar stores 100% of the time if possible because I rarely have questions about anything and I don’t like dealing with traffic, parking, and stupid people. In my opinion, Walmart is where all these little stores you like going to WANT to be, they just don’t (or didn’t) have the money and skills to make it happen.

      Having been through business school in university I’m fully aware how Walmart operates, and the pressure they put on vendors to drive their prices down even further; we did multiple case studies on different aspects of that company. Walmart has made people millionaires and destroyed businesses as well. Survival of the fittest as far as I’m concerned.

      1. i have to agree with you there. walmart got to where it was because it attracts customers with good prices. sure they don’t stock specialty stuff, but as this story shows the definition of “specialty” can change. walmart will stock whatever it thinks it can make a good profit off of, and i applaud them for that.

    2. El Duderino Avatar
      El Duderino

      I agree, for the same $$$ or even a couple bucks more I’d much rather go to my LGS than Wal-Mart. Plus, I can just walk out of an LGS with my gun, at Wally World you get escorted out when you buy a gun. Rather not have the entourage.

    3. “Walmart is an awful company.”

      Wal-Mart is a GREAT company. You have every right to do business elsewhere, and if those businesses do a better job of meeting your needs, I’m all for it. That doesn’t mean Wal-Mart is an “awful” company.

    4. why not walmart? I bet you buy 90% of your S&%T from china its just sold here not made here!!!!!

    5. Dr.Dave everything you said is 100% true but sadly many of us simply do not have the hundreds of $ extra to spend at local shops as much as I would love to, scraping up $550 disposable income to buy a no name brand AR at Walmart vs buying the same thing for $800 at a local shop is just not an option for me as an underpaid firefighter and many others.

  10. Freinds – I HATE big box stores… I really do try and spend what money I have locally. I just don’t get paid a lot so I HAVE to shop where I do. That being said, I also take whatever precautions I can… like paying in cash and so on. One last thing I was shocked about at Wally-World… they do layaway in these!

  11. spencer wade Avatar
    spencer wade

    bushmaster and flat top sig in southern missouri aswell.

  12. Sig M400 and 522 last night at wally world in Southern NM. I sent Mike pics this morning.

  13. signasty Avatar

    is this the one they carry at all walmarts casue its only 560 here in nv according to a friend of mine who works there i havnt gone to look yet

  14. how many innocent people have to die because all of u yahoo gun tottin morons want to ow n more guns than u can ever need wake up america u kill babies with bombs and abortions and guns dont u know hell is awainting u u shall all be judged by the great eternal god when u die eternity is forever and the usa is included in this just read the good book not yur twitter okay.

    1. Quint Young Avatar
      Quint Young

      Um, yeah. Sure.

      Maybe you should have been aborted, just sayin’.

    2. legal guns for all who are lawful Avatar
      legal guns for all who are lawful

      I know this is old, I just stumbled across it. Anyway, her we go. ha ha ha ha ha… Since you are one of those guns (inanimate object) kills. It’s obvious you had one of those awful, wicked, evil misspelling keyboards. Get a clue and keep enjoying your rights while we have them. The more rights are taken, the more they will keep taking.

    3. knightguard389 Avatar

      I don’t even own a gun. I was raised around them. I hope to own at least one AR 15 preferably the M4 set up. Now Mr. James. We are allowed to own guns here in the United States. We have been allowed for over 200 years. We are also allowed to pray the way we wish. Just because i wish to own a gun doesn’t mean I am going to go out and shoot people. That is for the nuts that are getting their weapons most of the time illegally or from family.

      This country was founded on religious freedom as well as Freedom of speech. That is the only reason I am not going to chew you out Mr. James. You have the Constitutional right to say what you wish and to follow which ever faith. So please do not preach to us. I believe in the Heavenly Father, but I will not try to force someone to follow my belief. I also believe in the 2nd Amendment of the United States which is the right to keep and bear arms. I don’t hunt, never cared for it and I have only shot at targets with different guns. Including an M16A1 when I was R.O.T.C. loved it, even shot a mini 14. Some people buy these guns to defend their homes or in some cases possibly just to collect. I might be considered for both. I can’t get the a for mentioned M16A1 since I don’t have an FFL. So the civilian AR 15 will have to do. Have a blessed day. Oh by the way some of those that you are calling baby killers have been serving this country to protect your right to criticize them. Oh and if you hadn’t been watching the news some of those babies have been trying to kill soldiers who only want to help. Look at Vietnam as an example from the past. Now we have women and children in various countries doing the same thing to even civilians. So I don’t think they will care how you feel about their lives.

  15. mark throop Avatar
    mark throop

    Seen two a-15 today at Sparta Illinois wal mart . Both under $700. Are the guns , good guns at this cheap price?