Church Shootout In A Music Video – God & Guns

Brotha Ruff Brings it… the action starts at 3:06:

And when I say action I mean, corny church shootout between good and evil using automatic 1911 handguns.   The special effects are so bad it’s hard to watch.  I especially like how “Evil” has on a slick rick style eye patch and wave cap.  You all thought since I’m white I wouldn’t know that huh?  I know Evil’s got his 360 waves spinnin’.

Despite the production of the video, the rapper Brotha Ruff is actually really good.  His flow reminds me of Xzibit.  “Yo Dawg, I heard you like”… never mind I can’t think of a good one.

OH LAWD Will the well of internet gun humor ever run dry?  Thankfully it doesn’t look like it.


Hat tip: Daniel


13 responses to “Church Shootout In A Music Video – God & Guns”

  1. Alex R Avatar

    They look like Ruger P-Series pistols, actually.

    And I agree that his flow is pretty good.

  2. Alex R Avatar

    Oh wait, a white dude comes out of nowhere with a 1911 and maybe another Ruger.

  3. Danny Trejo’s career really took a nose dive.

  4. Well, couldn’t get past 2 minutes. Started to feel an epileptic seizure coming on.

  5. Raph84 Avatar

    So Catholics and Mormons are evil…and strapped…good to know. This is why I hate religion

  6. That was the longest intro ever jeez.. bad bad bad effects. Not to mention no one can hit shit.

  7. 032125 Avatar

    If you have a pistol in your hand and your best option is to attempt to run up the wall and face-kick your opponent (who is less than ten feet away), perhaps some range time is in order. Either that, or you’ve learned to gunfight from Buck Yeager.

  8. Church Avatar

    Why were feathers flying?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I think Brother Ruff is supposed to be an Angel.

  9. Kevin Avatar

    lol if he came around a corner with a gun stance like that I’d shoot him in the head before the gun was past his belly button.

  10. Critter Avatar

    yes, Catholics are strapped. I freaking love religion.

    there should be more gunfights in church as it would liven up the service.

  11. Andrew Avatar

    The music sounds almost tech n9ne-ish.

  12. @Andrew he reminds me more of DubC than Tech 9ne