Food Court Gun

Sure the .357 magnum or G26 are acceptable choices for self defense.  The Kel-Tec PLR-16 with 100 round surfire mag though? haha  Trollin.. Trollin.. Trollin.. What is this, Die Hard?

I’d almost 100% guarantee if you whipped out a PLR-16 and started to “neutralize threats”, you would be neutralized yourself just because of the look of the gun.  If not, god forbid that thing was anywhere near you when the cops showed up.  You damn well better have a concealed carry badge to flash in an effort to save your life. <— That was a joke btw… in case it went over some heads. :P

Thoughts?  I’ve actually never heard the term “food court gun” before today, but I don’t frequent any forums anymore so that might explain it.


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  1. Frank Avatar

    Shit, I’ve always been partial to having a PTR-91 PDW. on a sling…

    1. NikonMikon Avatar

      I have a PTR-91 but not the PDW. I do NOT even want to know what the recoil is like on that. My fullsize PTR-91F recoils insanely hard…

  2. When I know I’m going to visit a food court, i make it a point to bring a punt gun.

  3. Sooo much fail from these guys now. I mean “Straight blowback, just like an AK” “Triple stack Surefire magazine” and that whole herpaderp about “special underwater firing glock”. Just say you have fucking maritime cups in there, OK?

  4. Dilhack Avatar

    My dad actually has one of the PLR’s…it’s a blast to shoot – wear eye protection though because the back blast off of that thing is crazy :-|

  5. Gotta ramp up PLR-16 sales somehow….

  6. James M&P Avatar
    James M&P

    Another Gem of useless information from these two. The guy is ready for the Zombie Food Court!? Their videos have become nothing more than public masturbation.

    1. Frank Avatar

      FPS Russian?

      1. James M&P Avatar
        James M&P


  7. I’m pretty sure this is a satire…

  8. SouthpawByNW Avatar

    Not really a fan of food courts. The Panda Express restaurants tend to make the whole place smell funky.

  9. I agree, even if you were Mr. Rogers, whipping a PLR16 w/100-rnd mag out from under a long coat is going to mark you as the bad guy – this part definitely has to be a trolling.

  10. Where the fuck do they live where they think a food court is gonna be attacked at a level where they would need 30+ rounds. Am I just being ignorant and not realizing what they are actually talking about?

    1. When I heard “Food Court Gun”, I had a flashback to Gecko45 or whatever his name was, the original mall ninja guy.
      Ah, here we go, read this thing and see if maybe the gun store guys were talking about this kind of a situation:

      Long but worth the read, bet you can’t read it all with a straight face. The climatic battle scene just cried out for one of these food court guns.

      1. You have just uncovered the secret identities of gecko45 and SPECOPS. You now know how they got a hold of all of their gear, and their base of operations to protect the “ass virginity” of mall-goers everywhere.

        Surely the safety of our MS-PACMAN arcade games hang in the balance…

  11. dave w Avatar

    crap, i just google image searched concealed carry badge….i had ho idea. i thought that other guy just made his own.

  12. ozwald Avatar

    first place i heard about the surefire 100 round magazine was on this site… i can’t believe i’ve been reading this blog for that long.

  13. Tyler H Avatar

    I would rather have a P90 with a couple backup magazines.

  14. paul kimble Avatar
    paul kimble

    i always take my pancor jackhammer to the food court just in case.

  15. Jayson Avatar

    boxxy is hot

  16. (begin sarcasm)

    What, only a hundred round clip of measly .223? Don’t they know how many Taliban there are showing off .223 scars? when i leave my mini-va… er, urban assault vehicle to go to the mall i like to be well prepared. nothing short of a ma deuce (or two) with several thousand rounds of armor piercing incendiary will work to secure that food court. What do you think we are, boy scouts?!?

    Hell, we set up fortified fire positions with sandbags around the table before we even *order* our damn food. Thats if, and i do mean *if*i even let my kids, er… crack commando team, eat unhealthy civvy food. Most of the time i feed them a long range patrol ration before they even leave the assault vehicle!

    no sir, you wont see me carrying any of those pussy guns that those guys sell when i’m protecting the foodcourt! As it is i feel unprotected with my M2’s, I’m going to try to bring in some mk19’s for better protection. Nothing like a belt fed grenade launcher to ease any fears of being ambushed while eating a hot-dog-on-a-stick!

    (end sarcasm)

    1. footnote and reason why i used the sarcasm bumpers:'s_Law

      “Any sufficiently advanced troll is indistinguishable from a genuine kook.”