SureFire 2211 Tactical WristLight

The law enforcement divorce rate will spike if these lights become standard issue. Check the promo vid:

0:08 – Either the acting is really bad, or this “cop” is actually a rapist… I can’t tell yet.  Right now I’m scared for the kid.

0:35 – K I’m pretty sure he’s a real cop.  A scream is heard close by, cop flexes his light skills for the kid and tells him to hold onto it… kid says “Won’t you need it?”  Then I shit you not, this happened… I lost it LOL:


0:40 – Kid is stone faced not giving a single about what he just witnessed. Then gives a “what the hell am I supposed to do with this?” type glance at the flashlight he was given.

0:52 – Purse snatching in progress, bad guy sees cop and then holds girl hostage with a knife.  He then lests go and there is a bit of a chase until he gets his shit kiboshed by a bend in a gate smaller than he can fit through.

BOOM product shot #2… other officer on the scene is also tactical as _ _ _ _:


2:31 – “I had no idea the detective was there, I was talking about my 2211”  <— *eye roll*… that was forced.

2:50 – Whaaat?  So the girl getting her purse snatched was actually the kids mom?  Clever stuff Surefire… haha not really.

I think they really missed out on not getting Vince Vaughn to play the bad guy.  I guess California’s gun laws must be working, the bad guy had a knife not a gun. *snicker* (Obviously implied: Ban assault knives!)

Man I sure do love Surefire, but this product is off the charts retarded.  I didn’t even mention the price yet, which is a cool $500.  Uh…. WOULDN’T.

Looks like Glock has some stiff competition in the realm of shitty commercials.

SureFire-2211-Tactical-WristLightWill 2013 be the year of the tactical wrist flashlight?  Too early to say, but I’ll keep my ear to the tactical streets.  Thoughts?

Hat tip: Tim


26 responses to “SureFire 2211 Tactical WristLight”

  1. I NEED this shit for my tactical as ____ Iron Man getup.

  2. HOLY SHIT that amount of tactical wrist action is out of this world god bless the USA and god bless Surefire for making the world more tactical

  3. Anthracis Avatar

    Airsofters start mass purchase of the tactical wrist light for their “loadout” in 3…2…1…lol

  4. Ninjavitis Avatar

    No airsofter will shell out $500 for one of these, at least not until we see some pics of Special Forces guys wearing them overseas or there’s a flood of $20 knock offs from China (give it 3 months). Airsofters are reactive, not proactive. You don’t want to spend the money until you know is it’s cool or not.

  5. Hmmm. I guess I will have to start duct-taping my Streamlight to my wrist and save myself 500(!) dollars.

  6. My understanding is that it is designed for a very niche market. LE officers in agencies that don’t allow weapon lights for most officers. Which is why it turns on and off based on you being in shooting firing position.

  7. Which is why it turns on and off based on you being in shooting firing position.

    So I would be paying $500 for a flashlight that if my suspect was on the next floor down it would automatically shut off?

    That is stupid.

    1. Granted they show the opposite in the video, but a local Surefire rep told me that it is supposed to be treated as a weapon light. You are still supposed to search with your handheld light, just like you would be a weapon light.

      Like I said, it is a pretty niche light, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was discontinued in a year or two. It is one of those concepts where someone would say “Sure I’ll buy one,” until they actually see it and are asked to put some dough down for it.

  8. when they make a surefire pop up crotch light like the revolver in Dusk Till Dawn i will be in.

  9. Matt in FL Avatar
    Matt in FL

    Totally something I would buy just for shits ‘n giggles if it wasn’t FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS.

  10. looks like a great way to attract bullets.

  11. SittingDown Avatar

    X400 > 2211.

  12. Nakedgun Avatar

    I will definitely stick with my handgun-light…
    I guess it’s an option for agencies or Security Officers who aren’t yet allowed to have light-mounts, but otherwise I don’t see a use for it.

    Did you catch where the badguy says, “Are you serious?!” after the Cop says he was talking about his wrist-light being his back-up?… Hilarious!

  13. $500? I’ll just buy a second Glock.

    1. hahaha exfuckinzactly!

  14. SouthpawByNW Avatar

    That kid didn’t give back the light the cop gave him…awesome.

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one that noticed that!

  15. is it just me or did the cop fail to identify himself to the perp? not that i trust someone who screams PD anyways, but might give ’em pause. As it was all that the bad guy could see was the fucking light, no way to tell that he has a badge and a gun…

    I’m in total agreement, this thing is stranger than a three dollar bill. I wouldn’t want one if they gave it to me for free, so you can guess how likely I am to pay half a k. Then again I don’t get my jollys off playing 20 questions with a ten year old in a dark alley.

  16. The cop is actually Doug Martin. Instructor for Surefire Institute and HBPD SWAT cop.

  17. For $500 it could at least have a digital clock on it.

    1. That option is an extra $150!

  18. not a bad idea for a utility light, not that I’ll ever pay that much for a shitty light

  19. They put a watch on it for 2013, makes it look much better and provides a more efficient use of space. There are advantages to always having a light on your wrist but without the watch it was dumb, with the watch it is actually a nice product. Still $500 puts it out of reach for most people even if they did want it. I would buy 10 of ’em and give them away before I spent $7700 on a stupid looking half jacket though.

  20. Looks like Captain Fascism has few Batman gadgets now.

  21. Broke Cop Avatar

    Ya, I need to go confront some guy with a weapon…take my overpriced $600 Surefire flashlight and run away with it :p