Shooting Fundamentals Hottie

First up, Aiming.  In the screenshot of the video she’s saying “Sorry I can’t hear you over the sound of how hot I am”:

This one is on eye relief:

In case you didn’t already know Kirsten Weiss is kinda a big deal.  Check the Lapua Team USA website for her accomplishments. I wonder if she rolls with Amanda Furrer?

There are definitely some “prone” jokes and other shooting related double entendres I could drop if I didn’t have tact.  I won’t go there though, because ENDO is a place of class; where I sip beverages with pinky finger extended, listen to carefully curated vintage rap playlists, and spend my Friday’s laughing at shooting club herbs who wear sport coats made from tweed that isn’t by Harris.

Kirsten-Weiss-ShootingKirsten, holla at your boy. ;)

Again, I can’t wait to hear all the comments like “WOULDN’T” , “EW, 2nd knuckle on her left hand has a small scar on it”.  Oh internet…



15 responses to “Shooting Fundamentals Hottie”


  2. Not gonna lie…i have a great gf and she’s beautiful but this chick…is the reason im gonna convert to be Mormon!

  3. she’s cute and knowledgeable and all, but she needs better scripting. too many awkward pauses.

    1. Come on, really? What do you expect? She’s not a professional actor. This isn’t the nightly news. This is a YOUTUBE video about shooting techniques. That’s slightly less obscure than a video about different model rocket engines.

  4. I’m sorry…..what? pardon? Did she say something about guns? I lost focus for a few minutes. I thought the shoulder shrug was really cute, but didn’t catch a thing of what she was talking about!

  5. Crunkleross Avatar

    She is so much hotter than that chick that does Glock videos in the cold. When she talked about level ears and relaxed neck muscles…..well nap time.

  6. Like a screen door in hurricane.

  7. I’d drag my dick through a mile of broken galss just to hear her fart through a walkie-talkie…

  8. I’d like to show her some fundamentals…

  9. I’d tap that so hard, it would take the next king of England to pull me out.

  10. Very attractive, intelligent young lady. The angle cuts from camera to camera were annoying as hell.

    1. While I have to agree that the cuts back and forth were annoying, I liked seeing the profile shots to imagine what it’d be like waking up next to her in bed… damn, that girl is hot!

      could we get a bikini shoot in the hot desert somewhere next time? or maybe beach infil tactics in the nude…

  11. Looks cold as hell. Her hands are pink from the cold.

  12. TigerStripe Avatar

    I find Erika to be as hot as this chick. Different but just as hot.

  13. I’d like to ram my fresh hard magazine into her mag well and work on her fundamentals all weekend. We would cover all body positions, stances, and Shes so hot, we might even try double taps and breech loading. Ill also go over some history with her, a little about muzzle loaders. we’ll even go over AD/NDs and how to mitigate those. We wouldn’t want to fuck around and create a class III firearm. Lol