Chalk As A Shitty Weapon Against Gun Violence

God this is so artsy I think I gagged:

I love the self importance these artists have hahahah. Wow… I’m sure if gun crime in D.C. decreases over the next 6 months, queen bee Lorin Latarro from the video will probably take 100% of the credit.

Crime-Scene-Chalk-Outline-Police-Line-MurderThoughts?  Anyone up for a pro gun rally where we would write words like “Self Preservation”, “Life”, and “Recreation” on drawings of happy families and regular people who own guns and unsurprisingly are not nuts.


31 responses to “Chalk As A Shitty Weapon Against Gun Violence”

  1. I’m sorry I CANNOT hear not trust anyone with a t-shirt that reads “Reasonably Gay”.
    It’s against my religion, especially when the dude talks about his girlfriend. WTF?
    Come on.

    1. Hard_Harry Avatar

      His girlfriend just happens to be named Steve.

      1. Yeah I thought about this possibility as well.

  2. Audacia77 Avatar

    1:30 = Hipster.

  3. ZBalentine Avatar

    It must truely be the apex of one’s personal dellusions to lay the responsibility for the actions of villains and psychopaths at the feet of inanimate objects.

    They have my pity.

  4. Yea, you didn’t change my mind lady.

  5. BBJones Avatar

    Keep exploiting a tragedy to further a political agenda. Classy.

  6. Matthew Avatar

    I like how she said “It might change their mind, about not wanting background checks because it might be $10 more to buy a gun”. Yeah, that is what we are concerned about.

    1. MosinMango Avatar

      How do you think she feels about voter background checks? I mean…a driver’s license is only about $10 bucks right?

      “because it might only be $10 more to vote”

  7. MosinMango Avatar

    I’m glad you can do this to make yourself FEEL better…But FEELINGS are not the issue when it comes to issues of LIFE and DEATH.

    PLEEAAAAAASE stop basing everything on FEELINGS.

    1. Hard_Harry Avatar

      Yeah unfortunately all these self important twits know is feelings. Everything in their lives from who they talk to, what they wear, to what they wear is based on how said object and/or person makes them feel at that particular moment. Most of these people have zero concept of how the world as well as real people in that world actually work. I suppose an even better way to say that is they have no concept of what REAL LIFE is all about.

  8. It is interesting how they seem to completely lack comprehension of what people actually object to.

  9. It is quite fearful that these type of people vote……mindless individuals with no aspect of reality…oh, until they are attacked…then they want protection? From who? Someone else, of course…but certainly not these spineless creatures…..these people are morons!

  10. Nakedgun Avatar

    I am fine with their “art” and small gathering, even as mis-guided as it is. They are the lemmings to be protected.

  11. “When I was two my mom’s ex-husband killed her with a 12 gauge shotgun. He tried to kill me but it malfunctioned”

    Sounds to me like he should be thankful for the gun. If the man had no gun he probably would have killed her with a bat or knife and still had plenty of muscle left to kill the boy.

    Has there been premeditated murder avoided because they couldn’t get a gun? “I’m going to go kill the man that slept with my wife. But all I have is this butcher’s knife. Guess I’ll just divorce her”

  12. Funny, since a bunch of people (including Adam Kokesh) got arrested for dancing at the Jefferson Memorial. I guess a flash mob with sidewalk chalk outside of the Lincoln Memorial is okay though.

  13. Mike, if you do a pro gun rally on the east coast I’ll fucking be there. I’m so sick of seeing shit like this.

  14. maybe you could get demolition ranch to make some 12g sidewalk chalk rounds to see how it would really work.

  15. Reasonably gay hipster dude…improper use of a beard.

    1. he survived because of a malfunction, which means if that gun held less the total rounds carried, minus the ones fired, all people will survive.

      Yeah! Logic! Awesome.

  16. Antiquated Flatulence Avatar
    Antiquated Flatulence

    Doesn’t anyone have common sense anymore? What do CRIMINALS care about background checks or gun registration? Also, people that think they can’t do anything to stop the politicians from IMPOSING gun laws and USURPING the Constitution are wrong. Complacency IS NOT an option.

  17. Mountain Avatar

    “This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it or their revolutionary right to dismember it or overthrow it.”

    — Abraham Lincoln, 4 April 1861

  18. Cuban Pete Avatar
    Cuban Pete

    I actually walked past that bunch the other days while having a nice stroll (I live across the river) and took my water bottle and emptied it over one of the words. Washed most of the “art” away.

  19. I made it to about 45 seconds before I quit. When you have to explain your “art” that in-depth you already lost most people.

    But I wonder what would happened at Newtown if the six adults had been armed?

    1. MosinMango Avatar

      Probably something more like 8 injured and 2 dead (if you count the shooter)

    2. When you have to explain art at all, it’s not art, it’s just trying to look important.

      Not only do they insult the victims of that shooting, and gun owners, they also insult real artists. Way to completely fail.

  20. She compared her self to Banksy… Bleh… I can taste the bile in my mouth…

    This is retarded.

  21. StarvinPilgrim Avatar

    Damn, Those hipsters really got some shit accomplished there, didn’t they. *eyeroll*

  22. John Dennis Avatar
    John Dennis

    20 years ago these people would be called losers and would never be taken seriously. In fact, they’d be laughed off the earth.

  23. All of that unwarranted self-importance. It’s almost illness-inducing.

  24. The Highland Pipes Avatar
    The Highland Pipes

    “Comments are disabled for this video” (at You Tube). What a surprise!