Evil And The Gun – Ah Ah Ah Ah Staying Alive

Because not all of us are Piers Morgan and have armed security:

It’s really sad there are people out there that want to take EVERYTHING you have; even your life means nothing.  If you’re smart you’ll set up safeguards to stay alive, and keep whatever else is important to you safe as well.

MrColionNoir-ENDO-Keep-CalmVery well spoken MrColionNoir.  See I told you guys he would wear an ENDO t-shirt again, even after I refused to print on salmon colored blanks. ;)  You can pick the Keep Calm And Carry One t-shirt up in three different colors over at ENDO Apparel of course.



10 responses to “Evil And The Gun – Ah Ah Ah Ah Staying Alive”

  1. This guy is right-on the mark with his comments….Ive been watching his videos for quite some time and think he should run for office and change some of the moronic ideals that many of our politicians spew out of their cakeholes……

    1. Why does he needs to run for anything? He’s not saying anything new, he’s just getting his voice heard on issues where many want to hear it. IIRC, firearms aren’t just for white folk and Koreans. Maybe that’s why he’s getting a lot of attention (on top of saying things that people agree with)?

      He needs to take off that damn hat or put a damn kippah on.

  2. Nakedgun Avatar

    He’s more well-spoken than our current Commander-in-Chief…

    *Mike! Print on salmon already! You can charge a couple extra bucks for em, if it takes the pain away… lol

  3. MCN did good in this video. Spot on. It’s like I posted once a few months back in response to one of the ENDO posts about a Piers Morgan interview….i believe it was Morgan vs. Larry Pratt just a few days after Newtown….but it’s not important….sometimes it’s not about 2nd Amendment this, and 2nd Amendment that, our history, our traditions, 1776, Constitutional Rights, etc. etc……sometimes it’s just about the fact that some of us relish and rejoice in every single breath we take. We rejoice in waking up in the mornings. Feeling the warm water from the shower hit our face. Kissing our wives or our girlfriends or our children bye as we head out the door to work. Waving to our neighbors as we drive out of the neighborhood. Whatever the case may be. Sometimes there are just people in this world who are not wired the way normal, life-loving humans are supposed to be wired; and these people will hurt you in the blink of an eye without a second thought…whether its for fun…whether its for $20 to go get a line of coke to shoot into their arm…whatever. There are some of us who won’t let that happen. And like MCN…sometimes it may be that time for us….but I won’t be taken without a fight.

  4. Nakedgun Avatar

    Your President just ranted for 5 minutes about his disappointment that Congress didn’t pass his new gun-laws… Was funny because he’s angry that the vote was politically-motivated, then gets all emotional/political in his rant about how the victims don’t get a voice. Wow

  5. Am I the only one to notice that the ending seemed abrupt?

    1. I’d rather have an abrupt ending than another Nutnfancy :p

  6. He does a great job selecting good topics and thoughtfully approaching them. I don’t think I’ve seen him make a bad video.

  7. I still think you should print a pink shirt and dipset the fuck out of it. skulls, smoke, wings, rhinestones, pink as fuck. maybe even some pink fur

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      hahah yea #1 seller in history for sure! Yeager would wear it non stop.