Stand Your Ground Laws Cause The Streets To Run Red With Blood

So many murders every day because of stand your ground laws in those 26 states that have it.  Oh wait, there isn’t. *eye roll*:

This derpy “George Zimmerman is a mass murderer” commercial was put out by Coalition To Stop Gun Violence.  As you can see they like to blame murders on things like laws and guns, not people and their decisions/actions.  

And what’s with the tag line “our laws should protect victims, not create more”?  LOL wtf?  If the shooting is justified I’d hardly call the dead scumbag a “victim”.  Well I guess they are a victim of their own stupidity and poor life choices… definitely not a victim of the law though.

Coalition-To-Stop-Gun-ViolenceHow long are we still going to have to hear about Zimmerman and Trayvon?  Oh right, it’s going to be until the next incident happens where the media and everyone else that wants guns banned can dance on that fresh blood instead. Even better if it can be turned into another race issue.



20 responses to “Stand Your Ground Laws Cause The Streets To Run Red With Blood”

  1. Wish I hadn’t eaten before I saw this.

  2. Voting and comments disabled on youtube.

    Well it looks like someone can’t take criticism.

    1. You can still flag it as inappropriate.

      1. Facebook doesn’t consider a “Kill George Zimmerman” page inappropriate. I doubt Google will consider CSGV’s bid inappropriate.

  3. *bangs head against wall* As if Zimmerman didn’t get enough shit already. They have to show him killing dozens of Treyvons in a stupid fucking advertisement to push their agenda? Truly disgusting.

    1. I think there is enough here to justify a defamation suit. Lets hope he sues the CSGV out of all their politicking funds.

  4. Anything can pass for a PSA these days, even blatant lies. The new hope and change

  5. someone should make the coalition to stop derpy coalitions

  6. What a pile of shit. ENDOmike should mastermind some real PSA’s.

  7. The criminals are victims? Just like MAIG used the names of criminals killed in justified shootings by police officers in their rallies. This just proves that CSGV, MAIG, and the like don’t care about victims. They only care about the one inanimate object they hate more than anything in the world, the gun. And they will define any person killed or injured by a firearm as a victim, regardless of why they were shot, in order to increase their statistics to support their cause.

  8. Every time I see these anti-SYG things I think, “You keep using that term. I don’t think it means what you think it means.”

  9. Is this fucking serious? I understand everyone has their opinions but this is fucking ridiculous as fuck. Are us reasonable pro-gunners really THAT MUCH MORE REASONABLE AND SENSIBLE then these fucking idiots?

  10. This is some Atlas Shrugged shit right there.

  11. jim bob Avatar

    the streets will run red with the blood of the nonbelievers. and also innocent kids buying skittles.

    it is open season on children of color. black children, brown children, green children. if you stand your grounders have so much hate in your hearts, take it out on a box of crayons.

  12. We are better than this. No one NEEDS to use deadly force to defend their own lives. Demand a plan.

  13. Needs to be re-uploaded to YT with comments and ratings enabled. I guess they don’t like to be called on their utter bullshit propaganda.

  14. Innocent until proven guilty in court. Respecting the American legal system. Of course unless you are a raging liberal and it doesn’t support your agenda. Then by all means disagree a, lie, and throw fits.

  15. Enfieldem2 Avatar

    Oh yeah we got bodies stacked like cordwood here in Nevada over this.

    Oh wait, no I am thinking of Oakland CA.

  16. bandroidx Avatar

    Main problem is NJ wasnt on the list, NJ needs to get with the fucking program, oh wait, I shouldnt be saying this behind the iron curtain.

  17. Unfucking believable… someone needs to make a dramatic video using the audio from that woman who saved herself and her child from a home invasion.