Interesting Homemade 12GA Shotgun Rounds

Matt from Demolition Ranch has a buddy who made him some interesting 12GA rounds:


The video is long, but cool to watch because a lot of work went into the rounds.

LOL first 4 shots in a row missed… I was like COME ON! haha not necessarily his fault though like he said.

Conclusion:  Cool stuff, but Matt needs a bigger target next time he does something like this.  He should also spray paint it after each shot, and hopefully shoot in a cleaner environment so he could find the pieces easier.

Matt is wearing the 416 Selector Switch t-shirt from ENDO Apparel.




hw97karbine August 28, 2013 at 01:56 am

Great to see this posted here :) Matt’s marksmanship was definitely not at fault.

Taofledermaus has also tested these rounds, epic fail on these first prototypes but modifications have been made and things are getting better.

These are en route to him as we speak:

M September 2, 2013 at 01:41 pm

you’d have much better luck with something harder and denser than steel. Army uses depleted uranium, but tungsten should work well.

also unless you’re using a rifled barrel the shuttlecock design would probably work bast to stabilize the bullets, much like a foster slug with a hollow base. but if you’re going to drag-stabilize then you’ll want to increase your mass, so maybe use lead instead of delrin for your spacer…

Heavier bullets will travel slower, but should carry more kinetic energy. AP shotgun rounds are going to be tough though, you just don’t get as much energy out of a shotgun barrel because the volume increases so rapidly as the bullet travels down the bore. I wish you luck though, I’d love to see success and buy some rounds when it’s done.

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