NFL Rejects Daniel Defense Ad – Song

FXHummel1 with something for your eardrums:

I can’t believe all the milage Daniel Defense is getting from this little scandal, and how people are so quite to boycott the NFL because of it.  Like it’s surprising a large organization didn’t want to associate themselves with “SCARY GUNS”.  Yea we could argue that the ad didn’t showcase any guns, and that’s true… but the company itself would scare a lot of idiots once they googled it.

FXHummel1-ENDO-Defend-FreedomFX is wearing one of my favorite t-shirts, the Liberator Pistol Builders Club one from ENDO Apparel.

Thoughts?  Are you boycotting the NFL / The Superbowl next year because of this?



dave w December 10, 2013 at 05:34 am

I think the point of the superbowl is awesome commercials. DD’s commercial is more suited to public access at 3am.


FailedAbortion December 10, 2013 at 06:43 pm

Am I the only one that doesn’t care? If the NFL doesn’t want to air gun ads (a lousy one at that), isn’t that their right? I don’t understand why so many people are whining about this, its not like any of them are going to stop watching the super bowl. I would also say after the way the Starbucks issue was handled by the communities on both sides, I can completely understand why they would want to avoid the issue. For the most part firearms enthusiasts are pretty reasonable folks… But god damn if we don’t have some attention seeking, in your face, I wanna cause a problem, “is ma writ” idiots that really screw things up for us.

The above comment kinda nailed it for me. I wouldn’t want to see this lame political ad, they could at least come up with something better.


Vanguard Armament December 11, 2013 at 12:08 am

I’d say Daniel Defense got more coverage over getting rejected than they would have being featured by the NFL lol.



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