MrColionNoir On Fox About Something Non-Newsworthy

Briefly defends his blackness, keeps it mad real in general:

To paraphrase: “They put my mom’s address online… I gave her a gun for protection”

MrColionNoir-ENDO-Keep-CalmThe guy who posted Colion’s mom’s address online knows how to use a domain WHOIS… wow what a l33t h4x0r *smh*.  I don’t even really know why that’s news worthy, mainly considering the dude has a free blog (which it appears no one even reads) on a training wheels domain which I’m not even going to bother to link because it contains a bunch of conspiracy theory bullshit about how Colion Noir is manufactured by the NRA.  Regardless of the reach of this nobody blogger who can use a WHOIS, I’m glad Colion got a chance to talk live on FOX anyway… he did well. I’m glad Elizabeth Hasselbeck was the one to interview him, not one of those other FOX bozos. I briefly Googled Elizabeth, and she seems to have a favorable stance on guns, and even voiced it on The View in the past.


Oh and since I posted the pic above… I’m going to take this opportunity to say that Keep Calm And Carry One shirts are still $14, and sizes of some colors have run out… get yours today before they’re gone!


7 responses to “MrColionNoir On Fox About Something Non-Newsworthy”

  1. Regulus Avatar

    I love this guy. His blog however it would like to love. But it’s so hard to navigate. That’s why ENDO is so nice. Well part of the reason. It’s simple and easy to navagate and very clean to the eye.

  2. Texas-Roll-Over Avatar

    I wasn’t impressed with the first episode of the new show, but Noir is a badass. The show will only get better. He handled this situation and interview perfectly.

    He didn’t allow emotion to control the debate and he only explained himself like the rational human being that most gun owners are.

    1. jim bob Avatar
      jim bob

      “He didn’t allow emotion to control the debate and he only explained himself like the rational, independent, adventurous and athletic human being that most gun owners are”


      1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

        LOL good one.

  3. Michaelangelo Avatar

    Man, I love Colion Noir. I also find it quite humorous when people act as if he just started with the whole NRA News Commentating, when I can still remember watching his first videos when he was just starting out.

  4. dgdimick Avatar

    I think the clown who posted, and kept his Mom’s address on the website, after being contacted about it, is a tool.

    I don’t like his NRA show, however, just about every Youtube video he’s put out I’ve liked.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I disagree. The fact he talked about it on national TV brought everyone’s attention to the matter. Anyone on earth can use a domain WHOIS. That guy didn’t have any proprietary information.