Love At First Shot – S01E02 Shotgun Sports

Girls Guide to Guns‘ own Natalie Foster and NRA Women with a great second episode:

The NRA is pumping out so much content now a lot of which is great, I just don’t want to post all of it because I don’t really have much to say about it.  This show is really awesome, and I’m not even a girl.

4:30 – Custom Ear pro is the only way to go.  I double up always with muffs still too if I’m shooting under a canopy or indoors.  Shooting outdoors with the sound is able to dissipate I just wear the custom plugs.

The best thing about this show is it’s fun to watch, because everyone in it is having fun.  Unlike a lot of the NRA stuff, this show focuses on shooting as a lifestyle and a hobby with no mention at all about the “anti-gun” or the “gun grabbers” etc… It’s refreshing to not have that pushed into my face all the time.

Nice looking shooting spots.  I don’t know if she said, but I’m guessing they are all in California unfortunately.

17:00 – That’s what it’s all about right there! First time shooting, and first time even handling a gun.  Look at the level of excitement.

NRA-Women-Love-At-First-Shot-LogoI know it’s mainly guys that follow this blog, but if any of you have wives or girlfriends you should consider telling them about this show!




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