Safety Is An Illusion In Hippie Gun Art

I’ll cover a gun shape in cheese puffs mannnnnnnn.  Safety is an illusion mannnnnnnn:


The standard art “purpose / intent” statement by the artist Sharareh Khosravani:

The gun made out of cheese puffs. Obviously the gun ties into the theme of violence but by covering it in actual cheese puffs, I hoped to add a dimension of humor to the warning. In part this work came about because of events such as the Boston Marathon bombing and recent school shootings that made me think about the way violence affects children today. We want to believe that schools are safe places and children are innocent, but sometimes that safety is only an illusion. You may feel safe even when you are actually in the line of fire. (Source)

Yea like obviously guns are violent.  I mean pfftttt do you know how many of them go off on their own and kill people?  The extreme irony here is that foods like cheese puffs which contribute to obesity kill more people than guns annually by a long shot.

Cartman-Cheesy-PoofsShe should have covered criminals convicted of gun crimes in cheese puffs, and painted their faces like clowns.  That would have been a statement on safety being only an illusion.  See I should have been a metaphorical artist.

Thoughts?  Would play Call of Duty while eating from said cheese puff gun, trying not to let your mom’s ridiculous demands and pressure she puts on your life, stress you out?

Hat tip: SayUncle



T. December 1, 2014 at 11:42 am

If one were biased minded in the other direction, one could see a pro-gun message in there. Safety actually *IS* an illusion, and you actually may feel safe even though you are in the line of fire (from a madman).

Honestly, I’m not seeing anything overtly pro or anti-gun in the quote or on her site. It’s just some art project. I personally am not inclined to *like* this or the other art on her site, but art is subjective anyway. It is what it is. Far be it from me to bag on others tastes. *shrug*


ENDO-Mike December 1, 2014 at 08:44 pm

That’s a good point. I’m so used to art being anti-gun I just made the assumption.


SittingDown December 2, 2014 at 04:35 am

The real message is “guns taste really good.”



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