If Only All Hockey Involved 12GA Shotguns And Ramps

Canadian skeet shooting:

Canadian-Skeet-ShootingThese two get it done!  The quadcopter footage was a nice touch.  It’s amazing that buying a couple of those along with gopros is so affordable now.

I really don’t miss seeing snow.

Thoughts?  Would get Tim Horton’s coffee and discuss hunting with?

Gat tip: TLDR About Guns  LOL I love calling it that.  Robert knows I have respect for what he built there, despite the fact my attention span is minimal.



Ross March 13, 2015 at 08:32 pm

I love society today.

“Hey, we have a fun idea, let’s go skeet shooting using a hockey stick, cuz Canada!”

“Ok, great plan! [wheels in head turn] Wait, if we just do something cool it won’t feed our narcissistic need for attention and likes on [insert social media site]”

“Dang, you’re right! We need GoPros on a quadcopter and a selfie stick, and on the gun, and behind us, and above us, and one we launch like a clay pigeon!”

Then cut it together, make it look pretty cool, but when you think about it they did ALL of that work for a Youtube clip. Because I know when I shoot clays with friends I really like low, slow birds in the same spot every time, and only like 15, and not to take turns.



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