US Bank Allegedly Says Your Firearm Money Ain’t Good Here

Reported by Yeager:

Not-US-BANK-LogoMeh.  As far as I’m concerned US Bank can do whatever they want.  If the economy is so good to them they can start selectively playing the “ethics” game and say firearm money isn’t good then *slow clap* for them.  If their horse is so high they also don’t accept money from companies in the oil, chemical, gas, and automobile industries etc… then color me impressed.  That was a joke by the way, because we all know that’s not happening.

1:32 – “We need a network of banks and credit card processors” — yeah… remember gpal (gunpal) and what a disaster that was?  There are too many firearm related “networks” and “services” right now (attempting to substitute in for already existing networks) that are just total pieces of shit.  I’ll be on board with a firearms related processor, service, network etc… when they actually do it properly.  This is perfectly doable in today’s day and age BEFORE trying to acquire a customer/user base and expect them to stick with you and put up with a garbage offering.

What I would like to see happen is “feelings” selectively not getting in the way of business across the board with all large US companies of every type.

This came across my radar too.  A letter from US Bank to a customer who “may have” carried a weapon into one of their locations LOLOL:


haha thoughts?

Gat tip: Justin




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