If A Glock Safety Gadget Was Needed Gaston Would Have Added One

New Glock related product shenanigans:

Naturally an indiegogo campaign.

The Gadget replaces the standard slide plate on the back of your Glock with an all-steel passive Striker Control Device. When thumb pressure is being applied to the Gadget (such as when holstering) it blocks the motion of the striker, which blocks the motion of the trigger bar, which prevents the trigger from being pulled.

Glock-Safety-GadgetGuess what?  If you didn’t try to RE-HOLSTER like a hotshot there wouldn’t really be any need for this.  I see so many guys on YouTube / real life where it’s like there’s some sort of cool guy no-look speed competition to get the gun back in the holster.  NO ONE IS IMPRESSED.  Look at your holster to make sure nothing is in the way of it, then casually put the gun back in at a regular speed.  I can’t imagine any circumstance (non shady one anyway) where you’d need to shoot then put the gun away quickly.

At the time of writing this article 448 people think it’s an amazing enough idea to throw their money at, and the indiegogo campaign funding goal is exceeded.

Thoughts?  Would operate with a gadget?




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