Facepalm Worthy Burglar Shotgun Booby Trap

Clarke County, Mississippi:


Shotgun-booby-trap-gas-station-2“I tie a string to the two front doors and other places, big strings so people can see it and the string goes to a pulley that goes to a trigger on a shotgun”, said Service Station owner Joe McCoy.  For the past few years his homemade booby-trap seems to be working. McCoy does give credit to the local authorities at the Clarke County Sheriff’s Department, but says he is in the middle of the country and it’s just a long way for people to respond. (Source via imgur Reddit)

I figured this was 100% illegal, and sure enough an attorney in the video confirms it.  I don’t really see how an unmanned shotgun (which is obviously pointed in one direction) with some derp strings attached to it is any type of deterrent anyway.  I suppose a potential burglar might think “whoa, if he has that setup… there’s no telling what else awaits me inside”… ok fine.

Damn thieves will take anything that’s not bolted down… even if it is bolted down they probably have wrenches.

Shotgun-booby-trap-gas-stationBefore I close out this post I will add, that although my opinion on such a topic in the past has been unpopular, I think it should be perfectly alright to bait and shotgun thieves.  Play stupid games win stupid prizes.  It would make the world a nicer place if I always didn’t have to worry about getting everything I own stolen too.

Thoughts?  PS: That Faygo tho…  Who wants to listen to ICP and mix up some dirty Faygo (lean) with me this weekend?




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