Corporate Gun Culture Google And Chris Cheng Gun Gripe

This is half an hour long, but it flows well and they touch on some great points.  Burn up that Tuesday work clock bros:

Watching YouTube videos that are over 5 minutes just seems way too much like a job.  That said, I like Eric and Chris so I figured the combination of them along with the topic of “corporate gun culture” was bound to be good.  To be honest, since they both have clear voices and I don’t need to watch people while they talk on a video I just cut up a couple bananas in the background to eat, so I wouldn’t be salty if the video turned out to be a waste of time.  Damn I keep healthy lifestyle flexing, I’m going to lose credibility.  Some of you are probably like “BANANAS?  WTF?  What happened to Cheetos and grape drink Mike?”  Sorry to disappoint guys.

Google-Glass-Crosshairs-GunInteresting how Chris mentions around the 9:35 mark about an internal Google mailing list called “Militia” which employees talk to each other about guns and shooting.  I would not have expected that at Google.

I don’t know what camera IV8888 is running, but that resolution is CRIIIIISP.




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