George Zimmerman Paints Confederate Flag To Get Back Into Spotlight

LOL I couldn’t even make George Zimmerman related stuff this retarded up if I tried:

The part of the video is just Andy from Florida Gun Supply “Not being racist”… I’ll let you be the judge of that though.  As soon as I saw him using Ted Nugent footage to support his point I was like *dusts hands off* DONE. haha.  I do agree with Andy that this “OMG WE CAN’T OFFEND ANYONE” attitude now is very tiring and needs to stop.

The George Zimmerman part starts at 3:37.  I do agree the media as usually really tried to hang that guy, but in the end he turned out to be a huge shit head anyway who’s trying to use the death of Trayvon (who HE shot) to make him rich and famous.  That just looks VERY bad no matter how you cut it.  In my opinion he should have just quietly celebrated the “not guilty” verdict and tried to live a normal life as a free man in peace.

george-zimmerman-confederate-flagSummary: George Zimmerman paints a picture of a confederate flag in order to raise money for Florida Gun Supply and their “Muslim Free Zone”.  George copy-painted an American Flag and sold it on ebay for over $110k a while back, but it didn’t generate enough controversy because the American Flag isn’t controversial (yet… but give it time).  Prints of this new confederate flag painting are up for sale for $50 each.

Like I said… I couldn’t make this type of thing up.  Seems like an SNL skit almost.





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