Silencerco Has Big Plans To Blow Your Mind With Shooting Technology

This is cool.  Is it doable with 2015 technology?

The cuts in this video were so quick I had to watch it twice to really process it.  Looks like some sort of advanced weapons scope / ski-goggle display pairing, maybe an exoskeleton (0:23) which also is connected to a wrist watch that can control camouflage cloaking for the user.  haha yea something tells me like 99% of that technology isn’t even close to being ready for primetime yet, even if you are rocking fitted suits with skinny ties and have Ferrari money.

SilencerCo Weapons Research was created with the intent of making hunting and shooting technologies accessible to everyone. For too long, certain technologies have been unnecessarily prohibited from commercial sale or priced out of the attainable range of most civilians.

Silencerco Weapons Research is designing human augmentation devices that are both affordable and capable in order to enhance the shooter’s ability to engage targets, positively identify prey in multiple spectrums, and reduce shooter signature.

Sounds really cool, I’ll believe it when I see it though.  The website they have up right now is called Beyond Human.  No real information on there right now… purely harvesting email addresses for some later news they’ll send you.

Silencerco-Weapons-ResearchAll Silencerco logos make awesome tramp stamps, and this Silencerco Weapons Research one is no exception.  10/10 would tongue in cheek compliment cute girl on the beach if she was rocking it.  I have some pretty lit beach stories, some of which I might share sometime.  One would think the optimal time to meet beach girls would be weekends.  Nah, I stay away from the beach then because there are too many people.  Weekdays you meet cute girls who also don’t have real jobs and they are looking to get into some shenanigans, kick it, and have early afternoon drinks. Being single is VERY awesome sometimes, if you can get over the emptiness you feel at other times haha.

Gat tip: Matt, Linas, Dan, James



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