Elastic Band Tactical Training – People Are Getting Offended On Instagram

I posted this, made some Instructor Zero references in jest and a few people (including the instructor in the video) got offended:

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My Instagram caption:

@realworld_tactical trains with elastic bands. I feel like he should also have a gas mask with plastic suffocation bag + tactical yoga tights to make it actual reality… Oh and make *PEW PEW PEW* sound effects to supplement his current *PSSSCHHHH* sound effects. Gat tip: @47performance via @rebelarmscorp

For those that didn’t get the Instructor Zero references, see these videos: gas mask with plastic suffocation bag, tactical yoga tights.  In hindsight I also should have referenced the high-speed tactical parachute Zero uses but I’ll save a joke reference on that for another post for people to get offended at.

Its become obvious over the years that finding humor in something on the internet (which wasn’t intended to be humorous) is all too often taken as SHOTS FIRED.  Unbeknownst to me, it’s just not possible to find a guy bouncing off a wall with elastic bands attached to him at all funny, despite its real world (I’m told) application.  I know nothing about working out or training Military / Law Enforcement etc. and have never once claimed to.  If this elastic band training method works; I couldn’t be happier… he’s way ahead of the curve and I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of it in the firearms community and those who defended it to me can rub it in my face and tell me again that I’m a moron. As expected, people have deleted some of the comments they made to myself and others on the Instagram post. Most are still there though.

Some people really just don’t “get” ENDO, or my sense of humor.  I’m perfectly fine with that.  If it ultimately costs me some sales of t-shirts I’m fine with that too, no sense giving your money to someone who you’re so deeply appalled that they exist and say what they say.  I do believe there are more people out there with a sense of humor about themselves and tactical related content, than those without.

If you click through to Real World Tactical’s instagram page, or go to his training website you can obviously see the guy is a certified badass.  He didn’t get the humor in the elastics, and didn’t like some of the troll comments.  I offered to remove the post after we exchanged like 20 IG DMs where (for his sake) I tried to explain myself.  He said I was free to do what I want, so up it stays.  You just really can’t please everyone when you have an “this is my opinion on what I saw” type approach to things like I do. Despite firearms being serious, the community itself doesn’t have to be.

green-elastic-bandIf you have a sense of humor and you’re not already following me on Instagram, you should get on that.  I don’t always cross post all the memes and everything else.  If you don’t have a sense of humor, please feel free to troll me or others in the comments here and/or on Instagram as well.  Either one is much appreciated.





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