Shotgun Busting Clays Out Of A Polaris RZR

Phillip Thorrold getting after it:

Yea I realized I’m going backwards in time on these Philly T videos, but I think you guys need to see all of them.  This is the final (old) one I’m going to post.   How awesome is this?!  The only thing more awesome would be if he took his Ferrari over that same ramp and shot out the top of it.

Philip-Thorrold-Polaris-RZRHoly that RZR gets some air.  My cousins have one, and I always though it felt a bit sluggish compared to dirt bikes (which of course they are).  Seemed like a death trap to me, to try something that crazy on it.  Phil does have those specific ramps built though, so it wouldn’t require me doing 60mph through a country ditch praying there wasn’t a rock, wet spot, a culvert, or a million other things that could ruin my day.  I find the worst part about ramps though when I was young is that due to my nature I just keep pushing the envelope on them.. faster.. faster.. faster, then when that upper limit is reached my friends and I would start putting stupid things underneath them (including people) that we would have to clear.  Somebody always went home bleeding and crying, that’s just how those days worked and it was a blast.  Thank god I never thought to suggest we combine shooting and ramp jumping, because I’d probably not have lived to write this blog.





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