The Speed Is High And The Drag Is Low At Beretta Shooting Academy

Promo for their tactical carbine course:

0:07 – Cue the tactical bass.

0:28 – First look at the operators in this course.  Pfffffft no pixelated faces.  Are these guys even TIER?

0:44 – Wait for it….. OHHHHHHHHH THAT PIVOT!!!!!!  If I were a tactical range DJ I would have yelled “REWIND THAT.. BRING THAT BACK” *Funk Flex bomb drops*.  Tactical Range DJ… I should add that to my twitter bio, it sounds lit.

0:49 – What’s with the tactical bum shake?  Like Pac said on “I get around“, it’s like he put a little twist in his hips ’cause we’re watching.  Such a legendary 90s summertime video btw.  Get familiar if you’re not already down.

Nike-Air-Max-Beretta-Gun-3Word on the street was that Luca, a marketing manager at Beretta wanted to call the school “Beretta Defense Shooting Militia”, but then Lisa in Accounting saw the initial expense report come across her desk as BDSM and was like “LOL you guys trollin or what?”.  Luca then google images’d that on a company computer, and got called in to Luigi’s office and had some ‘splainin to do.  Lets just say he brought cannoli for everyone that Friday.

P.S. – Remember these Nike Air Max Berettas?

Thoughts?  Would pivot with?




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