Silencerco Maxim Miami Vice

This is amazing:

Silencerco the GOAT with promo videos.

“Fuck earplugs” -Hiram Maxim.  I know a timeless quote when I hear one.

Silencerco-Maxim-9-internally-suppressed-pistolSilencerco-lower-back-tattooOh and I promised you guys in the last video of theirs I posted that I would update the lower back tattoo logo pic, to reflect their newest logo; so I did it.  Notice the cute “fight the noise” tattoo as well.  That’s such a good location, because you don’t see it until bae winks at you and casually throws her hair in a pony with the black fabric covered elastic that appeared literally out of thin air.  One of those – we got company coming over, would it kill you to put some pants on type of girls, you know what I’m saying?

Yea I’m a hypebeast when it comes to revolutionary new firearm designs for sure, but this Maxim integrally suppressed pistol rises above the hype… I mean look at that thing.  Remember when I called it vaporware?  Oops haha.  I’ll take the L on that one guys… I can admit when I’m wrong.

Thoughts?  Should I let that new photoshop breathe for a while, or go back to the drawing board? I’m sure with no bra + sideboob it’s not a tough sell… but I never know with you. Someone is always like “looks like a pointy left shoulder blade; 2/10” ahahha.




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