Unbelievably Bad Gun Self-Defense For Women Promo

Holy, wow this is excruciating to watch.  I know I normally exaggerate, but this will cause you real physical pain when you view it trust me:

Graduate from hand gesture academy top of his class.  The shame is I really like this guy’s message if I was reading it on paper, but watching the video makes me want to actually put my head through the monitor just to make him stop talking.  For real though, if I wasn’t “blogging” about this video I would have already shut if off.  I had no idea people like this actually exist in real life.

Oh and here’s a rough draft of a scene… you know, just to WOW you with the production value, acting, and overall quality:

I don’t think I’ve ever been more embarrassed in my entire life for someone else.  Normally I don’t really care what other people do, but I genuinely feel terrible that this even exists.

gun-self-defense-for-womenYou can check out the Indiegogo (naturally *eyeroll* *groan*) campaign here.  As you can see it’s not doing so hot (huge shocker I know).

Thoughts?  Seriously though, did I just get trolled?  I’d actually be relieved if I did, because that would mean this guy is just being this “Derek Savage” character in an attempt to go viral and this is all fake and terrible on purpose. Something tells me this is all genuine though, after looking at Derek Savage’s website and browsing the links at the bottom.

Gat tip: Adam




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