Steps Needed To Have A Gun Control Utopia

Dana Loesch from The Blaze works for the NRA now also:

haha she is the queen of dramatic facial expressions.

0:50 – Ugh I hate when the NRA goes full conspiracy theory retard.  The ATF just can’t possibly employ enough people to regularly inspect every gun owners home.  I’m not saying that a law couldn’t be shoe-horned in that would give them the power to do that whenever they pleased without a warrant, but I don’t see mass inspections becoming the norm.  If they really want to inspect someone’s home now for a good reason, I’m pretty sure they could easily do it. Heck, I saw Training Day… All I’d do is grab the Chinese food flyer from the mailbox and be like “Warrant”, then walk in waving it around and quickly tucking it into my jacket pocket.

2:28 – LOL Dana really wishin’ a MF’er would.

Dana-Loesch-BlazeThe problem with these gun control measures though, it’s a cumilative thing.  Give a bit of this privacy away… give a bit of that freedom you used to have away a dozen times… and then all of sudden you have none of either.  Most people won’t realize the steps are being taken until it’s too late.  Politicians are sneaky like that, and always put the spin on it that it won’t inconvenience you and is for the greater good (saving lives).





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