Kirsten Joy Weiss Calendar – The Joy Of Shooting

I didn’t even know this was coming!

Kristen is so modest, she never even mentioned it ever when she emailed me recently.  Yea I gotta always tell you guys that she emails me, I know… if you’re not flexing who your industry contacts are then what’s the point of even having a blog?  I’m sure Kristen tells everyone that she exchanges emails with ENDO occasionally (haha HIGHLY unlikely :P).

Kirsten-Joy-Weiss-RifleAs you’d expect from Kirsten the calendar is classy.  This isn’t a “teeheheheh guns are cool” gun-bunny style item littered with bikini shots.  Well ok maybe there’s one semi thirst trap haha, that “pilates” pose shown at 0:08.  I was cringing to think how thirsty the post I did about that video was (It was single Mike), but it actually wasn’t too bad.  I must have been hydrated at the time.

You can head over to her website to pick up a calendar!  She’s donating a portion of the profits to four different charities.  See what I mean, this girl is just so nice.

Thoughts?  You in for one?

P.S. When I come out with an ENDO calendar it’s going to be all me in a banana hammock, oiled up, making direct eye contact. No OPSEC pixels. 12 months, with 6 bonus pictures + a centerfold accordion thing for your wall… all thirst traps.




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