Why Doesn’t The Secret Service Carry Smart Guns?

Joe Biden is on one.  What could possibly go wrong:

Joe-Biden-Finger-PointBuying shotguns and buying smart guns… that’s what Joe is about apparently.  Yea, like there are just NO POTENTIAL ISSUES with smart guns at all being 100% reliable. I can’t even unlock my phone with the fingerprint scanner when I have wet fingers from the rain, or a finger is not positioned at least semi-properly.  With a phone it’s mildly irritating, but after I LITERALLY CAN’T EVEN for a few seconds I end up surviving.  Unfortunately when you’re using a firearm for self defense you really don’t normally have the luxury of time, therefore the current state of the smart gun industry is just absolute horse shit.

Politicians are definitely like a lot of these derpy firearms trainers I call out… they get so high off their own supply with their arrogance and self confidence, and credentials they start believing their own garbage so much that it instills confidence in the other sheep.  It’s pretty scary actually… how people get misinformed and just believe whatever they are told because “Oh he’s the Vice President… he must know a lot”. *smh*

Thoughts?  Is the secret service carrying smart guns now?  What about D.C. police? hehe




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