The Anti-Gun Crowd Is Back At – The Ghost Vote


0:05 – I’ve already lost interest in this video seeing as they are inflating the number by including suicides.  You know when you have to lie 5 seconds into your video, it’s not worth a damn.

I’m sure a good portion of those people who were killed, would be smart enough to understand that if a good guy with a gun was there when they got killed maybe it COULD have been prevented?  Maybe if they were armed themselves they would still be alive?  These are valid questions, but these anti-gun groups don’t have logic… guns are bad and only cops and the military should have them end of discussion, is how it always works.  It’s ridiculous to think that a good guy with a gun could have prevented all these deaths, and it’s also ridiculous to assume that in all cases a good guy there would have made things better and not worse, but to consistently tread on everyone’s rights because of the deaths of a small fraction of the total population is NOT something I like to see.

Kanye-How-MemeThe “ghost vote” idea which targets a tweet or a mention at a pro-gun legislator in your state in an effort to make them “consider common sense gun laws” is weak and a complete waste of time.  There are only a handful of people on twitter right now participating in this.  It’s only a matter of time before the pro gun crowd hijacks this hashtag haha.  It always happens and they get so mad when the pro gun community can pull together better than they can.





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