Sassy AR-15 Dust Covers Maybe Aren’t A Good Idea

Mesa AZ police officer charged with 2nd degree murder because of the first one:


Eeeeeehhhhhh well this isn’t ideal:

The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office said Shaver was on his hands and knees when officer Brailsford shot him five times inside a Mesa hotel.  The gun used was a personal AR-15 assault weapon that had been approved for service use by the Mesa Police Department.  However, Mesa police noted that their investigation of the shooting turned up a vulgar inscription on the rifle that doesn’t meet department policy.

“Inscripted on the officer’s gun, and I hate to use profanity, but it said, “you’re fucked,”’ Laney Sweet, Daniel Shaver’s wife said.

According to several sources, the rifle’s vulgar inscription is on the inside of the rifle’s dust cover.  The inscription is only visible if the dust cover is open, which happens automatically in order to eject spent rounds while the weapon is fired.

“That statement tells me this is a person who’s enthusiastic about killing people,” Marc Victor, lawyer for Sweet and her late husband, argued. “That’s what that inscription means.”

Full Story – TucsonNewsNow

Naturally, a man’s character and convictions are ALWAYS represented by his dust cover *eye roll*.  Pretty dumb idea for a cop to have such a dust cover though.

I just swapped out all my AR-15 dust covers with Drake quotes on them, just in case.  You never know if someone who tries to kick down my door to kill me, are a huge Meek Mill.  These are the times we’re living in.





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