When Gun Community Drama Happens


Yea basically.  There hasn’t been any drama I’ve been directly a part of in the last few weeks.   The last one I really though was priceless was the Cherries Apparel drama, which I’m still not convinced isn’t actually just a parody of everything hilarious rolled into one “Operator-type” character.  You’ll notice all the videos in the two posts I linked have disappeared; wiped from the internet due to shame.  There are 60+ video on his YouTube channel though for your viewing pleasure.  Do me a favor and check out a couple of them.  You’ll 100% see what I mean about the fact they seem like something off of SNL haha.

Best recent drama I heard about but wasn’t involved in, was the Team Wendy Hillary Clinton debacle.  Holy god what a shit storm of epic proportions (read the comments LOL).  Are they surprised?  I’m sure not.  They are getting cooked in every post on the timeline, which also isn’t surprising.  People always forget though.  Just like all the other drama in history, this company will probably have record sales next quarter because everyone who didn’t even know what Team Wendy was but then were like “HUURRRR DURRRR I’m never buying a Team Wendy helmet for the Airsoft games my mom lets me play” got the company name put across their radar and will go drop all their birthday money the second the checks from their grandma and auntie’s clear.





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