Cherries Gun-Jitsu Dry-Fire Academy Yes This Is Actually A Thing

ROFL I’M DYING – “Dry-Fire Academy”.  I can’t even make shit this good up.  Here’s a recent report:

Aaron-Cohen-TIER1-SOF-IsraeliNow if you’re not familiar with “Cherries”, I should refresh your memory.  This guy’s Israeli operator TIER level is so low it has to be expressed in scientific notation.  As usual with many low tier operators, they have feelings which can really be hurt on the internet, even when someone like me who admittedly doesn’t know shit all about anything makes fun.  This has happened over and over again on ENDO over the years where jimmies have been rustled at such extreme levels.  Aaron Cohen from Cherries is a prime example.  He immediately removed all videos from the two posts I did on him (Here and Here), in addition to filing DMCA requests to get the facebook and instagram posts I did also removed, messaged me on facebook, PLUS he even went as far as to call me and leave a voicemail which in hindsight I should have returned and recorded the call, because I’m sure some more pure internet gold would have been born from it.

Like I mentioned in one of the prior posts, I’m still really not convinced this guy isn’t just playing a “character”.  The dry-fire training, the YouTube videos, the products… it’s all just too surreal.  If any of you guys live near Beverly Hills CA you really should check out a class and buy all his apparel and report back.

Thoughts? Does anyone think paying actual money to pretend to kill bad guys with a blue gun or laser gun is worthwhile? If there’s something I’m missing let me know. I have two blue guns, I might start my own dryfire academy haha.

Gat tip: Frank




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