Cry Me A River Then Use Your Frozen Tears As Ammunition


sad-girl-tear-gunAny Sad Boys up in here tonight?  I know I’ve mentioned Yung Lean on here before…. *sound of crickets* *tumbleweed blows across post*… hmmm alright then.

Anyway, this Sad Girl in the video got butthurt after she had an altercation with one of her tutors and the dean at design school, and created this tear gun as a “visual metaphor”.  So young and angsty. Classic.  The full story over at the design blog Dezeen.

How it works:

1) The user first puts on a mask with a silicone cup that catches the tears.

2) The tears are frozen in a bottle, which is then loaded onto the gun – allowing the frozen tears to be fired.

I can’t imagine creating any type gun as a visual metaphor illustrating how pissed off you are, would go over very well in the USA at any design school.  I’m actually surprised that this project was (seemingly) so well received in the Neatherlands where this Sad Girl is going to school.  Oh it gets better:

From the end of the article – “At her graduation, Chen had the opportunity to point and fire the tear gun at head of department Jan Boelen. She took it.” <—- LOL savage.

Thoughts?  Literally neva bin done befo.   Well if it has, I want to know.  This is one of those Sherlock Holmes style murder weapons, where the murder would be a complete mystery at first due to the bizarre nature of the weapon. I think I remember seeing one of those shows once where a guy was murdered with ice or an icicle or something. Sneaky.

hahah this comment by user Spadestick on the article is pure gold, and so true – “When in doubt, get featured by making it in brass. Always a winner, even if it’s the most useless thing you’ve ever seen.”



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