Stitches Gets Busted With A Gun And Drugs At A Miami Wholefoods

Phillip Katsabanis, whose stage name is Stitches, was stopped Wednesday after his Porsche was seen in a handicapped space without a permit outside a Whole Foods supermarket in Miami Beach.

A Miami Beach police officer found a 9 mm Glock handgun inside the vehicle after Katsabanis denied having any firearms. Police also found a jar of mariuana in the car.  Katsabanis was charged with having a concealed firearm along with two additional drug charges.

Full story at ABC10 Miami.

Whoa really?  I would have never guessed this guy was into anything illegal.  hahah he has taken so many Ls in the past couple years.  I love how it says he “apologized” for not mentioning the gun.  What a sweet boy to apologize like that hahaha.

Stitches, A whole foods, a handicapped spot is almost as amazing as when Fabio got smoked by a goose (which bust his nose) when he was riding a roller coaster.

Thoughts?  #FREEPHILLIP? haha as Sean said “The firearms community and Tapco customer base have both suffered a great loss this day”

If you’re unfamiliar with Stitches’ shenanigans you can see my past posts here.

Gat tip: Chris, Manuel, Sean




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