VODA Believes In Himself When Others Don’t

This guy is going totally batshit crazy. He now believes his own bullshit and doesn’t see how incompetent he is more than ever before:

I don’t know if you caught that, but he drew the gun and had a good portion of his shirt with it, then he proceeded to almost shoot his hand, oh and put one in the ceiling of the range.  You just can’t make shit like this up… it’s too bizarre.  Oh and to make things even better, he’s defending himself on facebook… and he has support of his camera man.  This guy gives ZERO shits what anyone thinks about what he does.  It’s actually kind of admirable… the doing shit just to do it and not caring what anyone things part.  The total disconnect from reality isn’t admirable at all.  You can check the comments on my facebook post as well if you’re looking for something to read.  Funny stuff.

If you haven’t had enough VODA for the day, here’s more “training”, followed by a hilarious explanation of his “platform” LOL:

So good.  People like this are endless content wrapped in a perfect little package and tied with a bow.

I know you’re probably tired of VODA by the end of this post, but if not there’s a lot of hilarious posts I did on him here in the past.

Oh and if you want even more hilarious reading, Practically Tactical dug up some info which would suggest VODA shot someone about a year ago. Comments from VODA screenshots on that post in the comments as well. Pure platinum.


Gat tip: Thanks to the dozens of you who sent me these vids.




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