Fischer Development Clip On Glock Suppressor


No threads or permanent quick disconnect attachment at all… it just sits next to the barrel 🤔.  The hand clap science they did in the video isn’t enough to convince me this is a good idea.  Conventional suppressors stay with the barrel even when it tilts (such as the Glock barrel does when the weapon is cycling), that Glock rail isn’t exactly something I would trust to hold that big thing and not move.  I’d hate to get some speed holes I didn’t want in a suppressor.

Ugh 0:54 we see that the guy has a spikey base plate on his glock magazine.  Cool accessory brah:

The look of the suppressor is really low effort… I like that in this case though.  They could have went crazy with the fillets and chamfers and logos and recesses but no.  They really owned the functional brick look. EDIT: Looks like I spoke too soon. After I embedded the video I see that the video screenshot contains what I guess is the final version 😂.

Man that guy demoing the product is TIER -23 AF.

I don’t know if Fischer Development has a website, because if they do I can’t find it.  It says they are “distributed” by ISSC Austria though, so you can click through to that site and bother those guys for info if you really want.


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