Charlottesville Dude Shoots At Black Man With Flamethrower

Whose mans:

Ugh when I see Charlottesville protest videos and pics, I see an unbelievable amount of cringey content. As soon as this video starts we see a fat guy in a real tree camo long sleeve open carrying ☑️. Enter the “white supremacist” after that with the Condor-looking plate carrier on, drop leg holsters, not even carrying one in the chamber ☑️. Ugh. He then shoots that round off at the flamethrower dude from like 15 ft away and somehow thankfully manages not to hit him. The crowd basically doesn’t react AT ALL and let’s this shooter slide back into the mix 😂😂😂. The fat dude with the umbrella just slightly flinched. What the… I literally cannot. Is this type of thing considered normal to most people?

Naturally there are questions why the whole line of police in florescent vests didn’t do shit after the shot was fired. On the video it didn’t seem that loud there that the cops wouldn’t have heard it, but what do I know.  There are of course conspiracy theories floating around as always too.




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