VODA And His Mom Are Real Butthurt About 1 Star Amazon Reviews On His Book

This all happened before the book was even released yet apparently:

Here is the Amazon page where you can read the reviews for the black and white version, and here are the reviews for the color version.  It’s a shitty occurrence for sure to have people who haven’t bought the book leave a review, I’ll give him that.  If his past performance and “advice” is any indication of the quality of the book then I’m sure it’s a dumpster fire of bad advice and a regrettable $17 purchase.  Would make a good coffee table book either way though, just to troll.  I honestly HOPE and DREAM the book is amazing though, I really do.  We’ve seen people in this industry turn their lives around in the past after being trolled for their lapses in safety and bad judgement.  I believe VODA could potentially get there if he checked his ego a bit (a LOT).

Oh and naturally in the second video he’s saying the bad reviews were exclusively written by “caucasian males who follow / troll him on Instagram and call him ni**er everyday”.  Cool story bRah, that’s awesome Amazon updated their site so you could see what color of skin reviewers have.  Keep playing that race card.  You’re doing a great job of discrediting yourself, you don’t need “help” from anyone.

Thoughts? Did you buy his book?  I’m actually tempted to.




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