Kendall Jenner And Khloe Kardashian Talk Guns Then Go Shooting

Man this show is painful, but the segment went better than expected:

We already knew Kim was anti gun… she’s a spokeswoman for “Everytown For Gun Safety’.  The last half of the clip she obviously gets up on her soapbox.  It must be so amazing to have armed security looking after you all the time… not to mention other assistants doing pretty much everything else so you don’t have to get your hands dirty.  I commend Kendall and Khloe for not being like Kim.  Naturally this little segment was probably scripted to stir up a little something for ratings… either way though we’ve seen Kendal and Khloe go shooting in the past so I assume they are actually cool with it.  Good for them!  If you have stalkers and other creeps who would try and do god knows what, it’s definitely a good deterrent or at least a good skill to have.

This appears to be a clip from the same episode, where they actually go to Taran Butler’s range:

haha man, those white lightening tour de france type sponsorship shirts Taran always wears slay me every time. 😂

The above clip seems to have been cut off since it was just a teaser, so I don’t know how the Kendall part turned out.  Meh, I’m not losing any sleep over it.  I hope those girls do go buy something nice, and then brag to Kim about it.

Thoughts?  You as excited as I am for the new Kanye album hopefully coming soon?

You mad that they can probably get permits to conceal carry in California and you can’t?




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