Royal Nonesuch Back At It On YouTube And Applying For An FFL


0:59 – LOL huge surprise no one that was subbed to Royal, wanted Mark Serbu’s videos shoved down their throat.  I called that one immediately after it happened.  I hope Royal still got to keep the stack of cash.

3:30 – OH NO BABY WHAT IS YOU DOIN?  Making us pay to see a majority of the new videos?  Stuff like this never (ever) works out.  I get that making videos costs money and takes time, and ammo costs a lot… but if you’re not doing it for sport and letting the people have it for free, trust me there’s a lot of other things I can watch for free.  I think part of the lure with this “pay to watch my videos” thing is that Royal for instance has ~12,500 subs…. now if each one of them paid $1 a month he would be making $12500 per month… that buys a lot of stuff every month.  The reality is, the handful of male white knight “m’sir I bestowed $1 upon your glorious channel” type guys will end up contributing (for a while)… then that will drop off and so will the vids when Royal realized that $42 per month isn’t enough.

Thoughts?  You planning on paying to see RN’s videos?  You bestowing $1 to the fine sir for his Youtubious efforts?



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