TrAiN LikE U FiGhT Ok FeLLas?

Perfect example of training like you fight:

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Rich Graham of Trident Fitness gets it… well he gets how to troll for internet attention anyways.  I get that this is supposed to be a “strength” demonstration, not how to 1/2 of your body “the ground is lava” around like a tool with handguns like you would in a real life tactical situation.  Still though, they couldn’t have found something else to poke the dirt with?  “OH GO CRY ABOUT IT SOME MORE ENDO.  I BET YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE SCRATCHES ON YOUR PRECIOUS GLOCKS”.  I’ll have you know… that actually I don’t.  U mad? 😎  After closer examination 🔎 when I noticed the slides were not going back, these appear to be blue guns.  Oh well I still got hella triggered, and now am going to fold this into my training regimen, in between speed eating hot pockets, and downing DEWritos (a proprietary Mountain Dew Doritios blend, I developed with nutrition scientists last time I was in space).

Thoughts?  You about to knock out some pushups with your dual hi-points this fine evening after a jug of Carlos Rossi?

I know I’ve mention this before, but Rich Graham and I go way back.  I wonder if he’ll leave some fake comments on this post praising the merits of “1/2 body, ground is lava” training.  He’s probably one of my favorite characters in this community tbh.

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