Cringey Stiletto Bayonet For A Handgun

BLuNtFoRce Mk2 StiLeTTo hAnDgUN BayOnEt:

A mere $175 for the black coated blade version, or $250 for the chrome one.  Painful.  I’m in physical pain after reading that.

According to the website this thing is made in Canada.  Is that like up North “Canada”?  Or is there a city or town called Canada somewhere in Israel?  You guys know the Israeli’s eat this type of thing tf up.   Bluntforce could have at least had the courtesy to make the pokey thing a tire deflator like the IsRaELi company MaKo.

I had a pretty funny (but standard) email interaction with the guy in the video (Chad from Green Light Shooting).  He sent me a boilerplate email a while back (like they all do), saying what a wealth of information my blog is and how well it is written.  I was like ‘scuse me?  Uh dude I can tell you have NEVER read my blog.  What you described it as, is the exact opposite of what it actually is.  Surprisingly, he replied “I won’t lie, there was definitely some stuff in that first email that was “copy and pasted” haha. I guess that’s what I get for not doing my research first. ” haha oh well, the life of a YouTube I suppose amirite fellas?  Gotta get that content out there and get it out there quick by any means necessary.





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