VODA Is Back With Some Content And Oh It’s Content Alright

Huey P. Newton Gun Club… Named after the founder of the Black Panthers 🤔.  VODA is iNsTruCtinG here, and is really in his element it appears:

The gun club has a wikipedia page, which is more than I can say I have.  They are based out of Dallas TX.  They have staged public armed patrols through black neighborhoods in South Dallas, in addition to an armed counter-protest at some mosque in South Dallas.  Ok…  Well thankfully everything has been peaceful so far.

Is that a “shooting range” they are “training” on?  Looks like a field?  I would speculate on the type of plant with the white puffs are in that field, but I’ve been around long enough to know someone is just going to spin it to make me look like a racist asshole if I’m wrong.  You know what.. they are probably dandelion puffs.  Yea…

“Firing line work”.  Naturally VODA still has the balaclava on, and he’s in full operator mode.  Good grip lesson at the end hehe.

WHOA… ok ok good start to this next video “We’re in a rally.  We’re in downtown Houston, and these MF’in crackers done got aggressive.  Do you understand what we sayin?  Now we have to take this shit from a peaceful march to a tactical situation.”…. Uh… ok.  Here’s the video:

I bet The FBI agent who is in charge of these guys just spit his coffee out and called his buddies over after hearing that intro.

Oh man… after watching that last video I don’t even know what to say other than I hope their wives or girlfriends or family members see these videos and plead with them to not attend any “rallies” with this group.

One last video where they do a 60 round salute after yelling out “black power”:

Thoughts?  Why is VODA blowin up the Huey P gun club spot like this?  I’m surprised they want record of this kind of tomfoolery, but at the same time it goes with the showboating the Black Panthers did.



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