Drake Shouts Out Full Conceal

From the first verse on Never Recover with Lil Baby & Gunna, from the album Drip Harder.

I bring up money, they change up the topic
I got a 19 and it fold in my pocket
She gave me her number, now I gotta block it
I’m mixin’ the dirty bills in with the profit

I still don’t want one even slightly.. but the shoutout was badass. It’s one of the hardest tracks on the album tbh.  Obviously next to Drip Too Hard.  That is the song of the fall, fight me if you disagree 😏.

If you care to read more about Full Conceal, and your life is really suffering because your Glock doesn’t have a hinge on it you can hit up the link.

Thoughts?  Yea I probably shouldn’t have asked that, because I’m guessing most of you guys have “Drake” on the list of things you don’t care about… right next to Full Conceal.

😂 UPDATE: Full Conceal is responding to comments on the Instagram post I made, including calling one of the commenter’s girlfriend “fat” in retaliation for his statement that lint would collect in the Full Conceal gun. *smh*




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