Kirsten And The Case Of The Liquid Foam In Field

🚨 Semi-thirst-trap alert 🚨

Every time I see Kirsten in videos now, I am brought back to a time where I said something through email like “Hey let me know if you want any ENDO shirts, and I’ll send them over”.  Fam, she replied to my email, addressing all other points but IGNORED my offer.  COOKED THE KID… didn’t even give me the courtesy of a light sauté like “Regarding the shirts, nah Mike I’m good.” 😭😂😭.  I was choked tbh, but a while after that I saw her in those piehitter shirts like that one she’s wearing in the above video, which I could only assume she was getting paid to wear (maybe she’s not though *shrug* I’m sure that stranger things have happened).  If you’re reading this Kirsten, I do respect the business acumen.  I’ve got nothing but love for you still; gotta go where the 💰 bag can be secured.  I’ve always believed that the people need to wear ENDO shirts because they love them, not because they are getting paid anything to do so.

Thoughts?  Do you think this video was meant to be thirst trappy / contain innuendo?  I don’t know guys, I just kind of got that vibe when I watched it.  I was thankful I didn’t see a Great Stuff liquid foam discount code in the description.  Holy a lot of the comments on the video if you click through are extremely m’lady-esque (this comes as no surprise at all).



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