B&T Makes A Cool Looking Single Shot Suppressed 9mm Pistol

Based off the WWII British Welrod pistol.  The B&T VP9:

Very cool.  I like the simplicity of it.  Those replaceable baffles he talks about at 0:27 are some real assassin type shit.  I guess you use the “training suppressor” it comes with for practice, so you don’t have to replace the baffles before whatever “dirty job” MI6 or the CIA (or both because they think you are two different people?) hired you to do.

0:41 – 5 round capacity hey 🤔.  If I had money to blow I’d definitely figure a way to add a 9mm drum or extendo.

Here are the details on the B&T website.  Taking the safe route, they call it the “veterinary pistol” “*wink wink* Hunny, a deer got hit by a car so I had to dispatch it. *wink wink* No no that has nothing to do with why I was gone 3 days, and you found 4 passports with my picture on them, but all from different countries with different names in my shaving kit.”


Gat tip: SayUncle