It’s 5:11 Somewhere – Always Training At The Range


I remember way back in one of the earlier Sheepdog fan fictions I wrote, the character said “It’s 5:11 somewhere…” and there’s a dude on IG that quotes that every time I post something really derpy.  It warms my heart haha.

Seriously though, if I didn’t know what 5.11 was I’d have no idea what they were even advertising in that video.  Gucci Glocks maybe?

0:43 – What kind of a psychopath dumps the entire box out then takes a ham fist full of ammo to load a magazine? haha

5.11 is really REALLY doing this whole “lifestyle brand” thing that’s all the craze now. Obviously it’s working. In the winter, every time we drove past the Oceanside 5.11 location on Vista Way I felt a magnetic force trying to pull me in. I resisted.

Thoughts?  Guys I’ve absolutely been swamped trying to finish up some projects I’m working on.  I’ll get back to the regular posting soon hopefully.